The Evolution of Technology and Toys

Let’s face it: kids toys have been around since we can remember. But they haven’t always been so awesome. Back in the day, children had wooden hand-made toys like trains, dolls, spinning tops or board games. That’s all well and good but with the evolution of technology and electricity, toys have come a long way and have definitely become more educational over the years. Thanks to technology today, children have seen games like electronic memory enhancers, hand-eye co-ordination improvement games and even talking books that have helped those with a difficulty in reading.TECHNOLOGY

Aside from educational purposes though, technology has simply made toys more fun to experience, adding to the joyful memories of being a child. Three technological toys that I can see never growing old are as follows:

The Remote Controlled Car

Remote controlled cars are fun for boys and girls. They help to improve hand-eye co-ordination and are just awesome to watch in general. The few who had these when I was growing up were always seen as the lucky ones and I still see that trend happening today. Years ago they were smaller, little racing cars or convertibles but nowadays they’re getting bigger and faster too. I’ve seen jeeps, monster trucks and even big vans that fit character figurines inside. The remote controlled cars will always be a classic toy for kids of all ages.

 Electric Scooter

When children get big enough to hone their motor skills and master the art of walking and balance, it’s time for an electric ride. For smaller children, an electric car is great fun. They don’t go too quickly and usually have little seat belts inside them as well. They are amazing machines and truly a memory maker for any child who is lucky enough to have one. For an older and taller child, the next step up is the kids electric scooter. Electric scooters are awesome because they give the child a sense of independence in that they can get around on their own, even if they are just going down the street to a friend’s house. They also help promote core balance and strengthening of the torso and back. A great way to get around and surely a technological memory maker for life.

 CD Player

To take things inside for a moment, we can’t ignore one of the greatest classics of the last 30 years. When it’s raining outside or too snowy for fun outdoors, let’s give it up for the CD player. CD players have brought kids together from birthday parties to song competitions all the way to spelling bee practices and good old signing at the top of their lungs. They are one of the best inventions since the record player and filled the entertainment gap when we stopped making music with kitchen wares stolen from mom. CD players have been a saving grace for many a childhood, encouraging many to give singing a chance in their room or to start their own band in the garage. CD players gave us a personal space to listen to what we like and to grow our musical ear with the comfort of an old friend at our side. They’re great for reading practice with audio books, sing-alongs for smaller children learning to speak and good old rocking out for older kids who just found their passion for tunes. Inside the house or out, technology has taken us a long way when it comes to our childhood fun. Can’t wait to see what transpires in the future.

Time to start looking to head down a career path? Technology is where it’s at!

TECHNOLOGY CAREERSThe summer is winding down and soon you’ll be returning to school, or maybe you’ve already got a job but want to immerse yourself in something that’s a little bit more up and coming. There’s nothing more up and coming than technology based fields. Technology seems to be spreading faster than we can keep up with. You know that new smartphone you bought 6 months ago, well today they unveiled the newer better model that has a lot more features and already your version is hitting the dusty trail.

Nowadays traditional college is good, but to get a faster start on a career there are a ton of trade schools out there and the majority of them are technology based. For instance, radiation therapists and in great need right now. They have schools just for them to keep up with the latest radiation technological advances as they arise. Imagine being in the middle of all the latest training and being at the top of the latest and greatest advances in that field. Visit this site to see what it is that is out there in radiation technology education. Be sure to check out the salaries that radiation therapists make too. That’s like the icing on the cake of that makes up education.

There are so many technologically based fields out there there’s sure to be one that catches your interest and has a good accredited school program to work you through it so when you graduate you are the best you can be. You’re ready for what this world has to offer. You have studied on the latest technology and are prepared for this world of technology. If you’ve ever had the urge to start a career in technology, now is definitely the time to get to it. It’s growing, so why don’t you grow with it too.

Like aforementioned, there are many trade schools in the technology fields if you don’t want to go the route of the traditional 4 years college and then more school after that. Why should you when you could be earning a good paying salary in half the time and be in the know of all the technology that is out and on the horizon from the get go. Be in the know before it gets here and be prepared to know how to handle it.

If technology has ever interested you, now is the time for prime pickings. There are so many options available to you now and many paths to choose from of which you’d like to follow. Why not take advantage of the time and get the ball moving down technology lane with you right behind it learning the latest and greatest the field you’re interested in has to offer.

At the rate of which technology is growing, this is something that you definitely don’t want to put off another moment. You want to be front and center and grow with it so you’ll always be in demand since you’re at the top of your field.

3 Ways Technology Has Improved Sports

TECHNOLOGY AND SPORTSThere is no denying that technology has infiltrated every part of our lives. The world of technological advancement has helped us to enjoy improvements in everything from cooking, to reading, all the way to trip planning and sports.

The world of sports is one of the areas that have most improved due to the benefits of technology. How we watch our sporting events, what the athletes use and what the everyday active person wears and uses have all been upgraded over time thanks to science. Here are some examples:

 How We Watch Sports

Starting with the television itself, TV has improved how we can watch sports, in that we don’t have to physically be at any given game to enjoy it. Even back when TVs were tiny little black and white boxes, it still gave us baseball and football from across the country and it’s only gone uphill from there. Now we have flat plasma screens with surround sound and home entertainment systems that almost beat the live experience of going to a game.

How sports are monitored has changed too. We now have the technology to provide instant replay footage for any sport which has helped many a referee or judge make the right call. We also have “hawk eye” technology that can track a ball and its path. This is helpful for sports like tennis or golf.

 The Tools We Use

Accessories in sports have come a long way as well. Things like sports watches, clocks, running shoes and even hats have evolved with improved design and functionality. There are also the accessories we use on our phones, like apps for athletes or apps for sports statistics. There are apps to track your exercise, diet, speed and heart rate, just to name a few. For those who are not participating but are watching instead, there are applications for that too. Phone apps for tracking game results or sending up-to-the-minute scores are huge with sports fans around the world.

 The Clothes We Wear

Most of all, the clothing we wear to facilitate our sporting life has grown the most. From head to toe we’ve made leaps and bounds in the arena of smart sporting wear to help us in our activities. From baseball to swimming, mountain climbing to golf, the clothes we wear have helped our game. A quick look back at the swimsuits of the 1950s will show you how far swimwear has advanced for both ladies and men. How anyone could ever swim a length in those old swimsuits beats me. Today we have rain repellant jackets and pants, sweat absorbing material woven into our tops and that’s just a start. There are hi-tech waterproof socks with individual toe grips for water sports and cloth that keeps you cool for outdoor sports like tennis or golf. Hiking culture has never been more popular and the items you can find in that area is vast as well. We’ve got state-of-the-art, lightweight backpacks, ergonomic shoes and boots, bug, sun or rain repellant clothing and all kinds of smart gadgets to make your trek more efficient too. Easy to snap on water bottles, compasses, walking sticks and shoe grip covers are just a few things that have turned this activity into a professional job. Check out hiking gear reviews online for what is best for your hiking needs. For other sports goods and accessories, you need not look far. Most can be ordered from your computer to your door within the week. Look how far we’ve come.

The Technology of CSS Button Making



Over the past ten years or more people have been developing blogs and websites to represent just about everything. They have blogs geared towards fashion, hair, movies, family life, healthy, and last but not least fitness. With the development of a blog you will also have advertising opportunities and in order to advertise you will need a CSS3 button. Locating a CSS3 button maker is quite easy since they are all over the net. But the best one to use is one that works for you the way you want it to. Developing a button can be fun. You get to do many things in the process of developing a button. Here are a few steps to take to develop a useful button.


  • Find the right program

Finding the right program that you can work with is not that hard. Searching google for different button maker programs will bring up a whole list of articles.

  • Artwork

You will need your art work for the button. Most art work is copy written so using a site like Shutter stock you can purchase credits to use the gif that you are wanting to use. This gives you unlimited use of the gif you pick out.

  • Font

Then you will need to find the right font. This can be a little bit trickier. So search hard for the right free downloadable font so that you can add it to your font files.

  • Color Scheme

Once you have your image and your font you will need your color scheme. This is something that should represent the color theme of your blog or page and should also be colors that you are happy with.

  • Sizing the button

Deciding on the right size of your button can be hard. Most buttons are 125×125, but you can also do one 150×150 or go even larger and do an elongated one such as 90×300. All buttons can come in different sizes. Making the right choice is based on what area you are placing it in.

  • Photoshop

You will need to put it all together with a Photoshop program or or are all design programs that you can use to design the button. It helps you to add the background, layer on the words and images and size to the appropriate size.

Once you have figured all this out it is best to use CSS3 button generator to get your codes. This is how you generate a button for the side of your blog or for advertising on other sites. This process can be used for many different companies and some people even offer this as a service to others for a small fee. However, if your any good ad designing things or are very creative this is something you can do yourself without the $25 fee for button making.

Each website or blog needs a button and what’s better than making it yourself? The act of learning something new that will save you money in the long run when it comes to your business, blog, or website.

How to stay healthy while working on a computer

STAYING ACTIVEThis is a technology based society and everyone is working on computers which is a pretty popular job these days. Working on computers requires a lot of sitting. Many fitness experts suggest taking a 5-10 minute break to exercise in between really important jobs. Computer programmers will sit at a computer for hours working, it generally drives a programmer nuts to have to stop when he is on a role, and so stopping to take a break can be difficult. Stamina is also an issue when it comes to working on a computer type job. To maintain stamina you need to keep your adrenaline flowing but when sitting down all the time your stamina will decrease and you will loss energy. Energy is a big factor in keeping yourself able to work for long hours. One way to gain energy or stay awake while working long hours is to drink lots of caffeine, but caffeine is not a great source of vitamins and nutrients that will also help you with your necessary daily intake of nutrients.

But you can use supplements to help with this situation, checking out will help you to know which one to use and how they work. Each supplement works in a different way and can help you by increasing energy, helping you maintain a healthy weight, and aid you in burning fat and calories. Supplements can be vitamins and weight protein. But along with supplements you need to exercise and eat properly. If you have a problem with being too big and are having trouble losing weight due to your lack of enough exercise you can take a supplement that will help burn fat while you work. But exercise is advisable also.

Exercising every 15 minutes while working for 5-10 minutes will help you stay active and healthy and keep your adrenaline and metabolism working well. Exercise is a great way to stay healthy. If you know that you are going to be working for a long period of time then exercising before you start working will help get your energy up and keep it up. Once you get to a stopping point you can exercise some more to re-energize your body.

Although computer related jobs are very popular and many people work them not many people take heed to the need to keep active even while working. Many people develop back problems, carpel tunnel, arthritis, and many more health related issues that are associated with working at a computer desk all day. Some people even have eye problems from looking at the screens. There are ways to combat these health related issues but the most important thing to remember is that as long as you take vitamins, and nutrients, you eat right, and stay active you can continue to do your job while taking care of your health. Your health is the most important thing to staying alive and active. IF you don’t take care of your health your metabolism will slow down and you will start noticing extra pounds being added in inappropriate places.

Although technology related jobs are a great way to earn money you also need to take care of yourself and sometimes spending that hard earned money on a personal trainer and supplements is more helpful than avoiding it all together.

More information is also available here!



Life Changing Tech: Plasma Collection System

JC JCTechnology extends far beyond the palm of our hands. The medical world is filled with a variety of technology that changes our lives every time it is used. There is everything from hands-free surgical tools to 3D printers that are used to advance medicine by leaps and bounds. Another piece of life changing technology that we rarely hear about is the plasma collection system.

What is It?

The plasma collection system is a machine that withdraws blood from a patient at a steady rate, filters out the plasma and returns the remaining blood cells back to the donor. Plasma is used for people with white blood cell deficiency or those who are unable to generate their own plasma. This particular procedure is beneficial to the recipient because it gives them a normal quality of life and allows them to live with a life threatening illness.

Technological Changes

Like many pieces of technology, the older models were very basic. The latest machine that we see here is designed to be digital and automated. Part of the job of a phlebotomist is to monitor the patient, check their heart rate and make necessary changes to the machine during the donation process. The new models streamline this by showing codes and digital information such as the patients blood pressure and heart rate. The machine can speed up or slow down the withdrawal and return speeds automatically based on the information it interprets from the patient it is connected to. It is also designed to notify attendants if there are any problems with the machine such as a kink in the tube or that the plasma bag is full. All in all, this allows the phlebotomist to focus on the patient instead of on the machine.

Necessary Training

While the plasma collection machine makes it easier for the technicians, there is still specialized training required. Becoming a phlebotomist can be done through a technical school or a specific training center. If you check out phlebotomy courses in New York, for example, you will find that the program can be completed in as little as six months for the right, motivated individual. Many attendants pursue this career choice while working on a larger degree for another area of study.

The program will not only teach individuals about the machine and how it operates but also about the entire blood donation process. Traditional blood donation is what we often see in our communities where individuals donate to organizations like The Red Cross. Plasma donation is the only type of blood donation that actually pays the donor for their time. Donors can earn between $15 and $50 per donation session depending on how frequently they visit.

Comparatively speaking, a phlebotomist is paid higher than a certified nursing assistant. This is one of the big attractions to this type of profession. Much like a CNA, there are hundreds of available jobs in the United States. As the need for donation centers continues to rise, there will continue to be new job openings. Of course, may phlebotomists simply work through hospitals to assist nurses and doctors with any type of blood withdrawal that is needed.

Best technological advancements

TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCESThe best technological advancements are the ones that you never see coming. Like the foldable scooter or the 3 wheeled vehicle that gets 84 miles per gallon. Can you believe a car that gets 84 miles per gallon? That is so much more than any car on the market right now but this is no ordinary car. This is a completely new car concept that is driving the world by storm. Elio is the new general motors car that only has an 8 gallon tank. This is such an awesome little car it can fit two people and is due out in 2015. Check out the all new Elio at

Another technological advancement would be the Harley Davidson Live Wire which is the new Eco-friendly bad boy bike. The lithium-ion battery can help the bike reach 90 miles per hour at maximum speed. Although it can reach 90 miles per hour it only runs up to 130 miles before needing recharging which can take 3 hours. This is the new generation of Harley and its making waves already.

Every 6 months the wireless companies come out with a new phone and everyone runs to buy the new and improved version of their favorite phone style. But the best thing is when you are up for an upgrade which comes with some companies every year or some every two years. Every wireless company is different and have different rules for their upgrading period but one thing you can be sure of is that there is going to be a new and improved phone that you are dying to get your hands on. One of the newest technological advancements in phones coming out is the new AT&T exclusive Amazon Fire phone. This is the first ever 3d smart phone, which features 5 cameras. The Amazon fire doesn’t use the google play store which makes the apps less available but the phone offers features that don’t come with other phones such as the firefly which recognizes anything you point it at and if it’s for sale on amazon it offers for you to purchase it. This is going to be a great phone option but not one of the higher end phones. AT&T is so far the only contracted carrier of the Amazon Fire phone.

Technological advancements are making the world a great place to live in. The prices however are not the most affordable for some people but the companies producing these new and exciting products are pricing them as affordable as they can based on the cost of production and features. Even though the prices can be kind of steep they are offering early ordering for some of the new technology coming out such as the Harley and the Elio. The phone company’s offer discounted rates on new phones that come out when purchased with a new contract. This makes it a little easier to afford the new phones and tablets from the phone companies.

Whatever new technological advancement comes out in the next few years you can guarantee that within months they will have improved upon it and made the last one so obsolete that you simply can’t live without the improved one. Technology is so strange that it works like that with everything.


Technology in our future lives

TECHNOLOGYThis is the age of technology and everything has some form of technology in it. Take for instance the basic phone has now turned into a small hand held computer. Even the house phone is being made more technologically advanced. Some house phones are now connected to your cell phone so you don’t have to worry about two phones in your home, they have built in answering machines, and they can utilize headsets wirelessly. This is how the advancement of mankind has affected our everyday lives.

Even our cars have become moving computers with the GPS systems, the Sirius radio system, the OnStar system, and of course the hands free phone system. These are all advancements that technology has awarded us over the years. But how has technology advanced our exercise routine? By adding heart monitors to exercise equipment you can now monitor your heart rate so that you can keep track of how many calories you are burning. Exercise equipment also calculates by the heart rate how much calories you have burned and how long you have been running for such as 1 mile or more. The on screen data that is presented in cardio equipment is very useful for keeping up with many different factors of your exercise routine.

Technology is the way of the future. Schools are starting to use smart boards for teaching in classrooms from kindergarten to college level classes. They utilize tablets and laptops in class and online libraries for colleges to house their journal articles and books so that students can access the information they need at any time of day or night. Schools are also starting to offer online degrees where you can get all your training, classes, lectures, and quizzes online while obtaining your Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and PhD in the comfort of your own home on your own time.

Imagine if scientists did not invent the technologies we have today! What would we do for telephones? What would we do for TV? How would we go to the moon and back? How would we communicate all over the world? These are questions that have been answered by technology. With technology it would be the dark ages and we would not be as advanced as we are. Technology has brought us out of the dark ages and into a generation of extremely educated, highly technologically adept students who one day will take on the world and change it to make it an even better and more advanced race of educators and students.

Imagine flying cars, and boats that can also drive on land. These are things that technology is working on for our future. Cars that no longer need gas to run and electricity that will not deplete the world’s resources. In our future the options are endless and technology will advance so fast and with such amazement that we may not be able to keep up with growing trends. At this rate we come out with a new phone every six months that adds new and improved apps and features that the previous version wasn’t capable of doing. Every six months a new computer program or game comes out and every few years they advance the gaming consoles making the previous version obsolete. Technology is our future and without it we would be lost.


How technology helps you go green and stay green

GOING GREEN 2Everything these days seems to be on a trend of going green and being eco-friendly. People are going back to their grass roots and taking it down to the basics. From recycling used plastic and cardboard to using only organic products. Even those who don’t have the benefit of a yard are doing things such as growing their own little windowsill herb gardens.

Technology plays a part in helping to get things going green for you in ways that don’t ever seem to cross our minds as even being involved. Such as using technology to help make water bottles with less plastic materials to even something like shampoo. Technology is used to study how to make a good organic shampoo without sulfates or other toxic chemicals to even keep your hair routine eco-friendly. It’s the little things like that which we don’t think about, but if it wasn’t for technology, we wouldn’t be finding ways to make things such as organic shampoo.

Technology works in so many ways in helping us discover new ways to approach old issues that before it, wasn’t good for the environment or even us. Next time you’re going to wash your hair, read the ingredients on the back of the bottle of shampoo. Now list how many you can pronounce and then list how many you can’t pronounce. Its harsh chemicals like those that technology has found a way to weed out and replace with organics and green ingredients instead.

Next time you’re out shopping, pick up a bottle of organic shampoo. I bet that this time you can read each and every ingredient that’s in that bottle of shampoo. Scientists with the help of technology and testing have found ways to bring green into your life in many ways. From finding ways to farm our fruits and vegetables without harmful chemicals such as insecticides to recycling our excess waste products such as plastics and cardboard. It works on making our lives greener and more eco-friendly when we put technology to work to help us clean up the environment and replace it with healthy, organic products, or ways to reuse plastic that’s been recycled. GOING GREEN

Something as simple as buying a water filter for your sink and you can pour fresh clean water that’s been filtrated from bearing harsh chemicals was brought to you by technology. Now you can help stay eco-friendly by instead of having to buy cases of bottled water to use, you can purchase a water bottle and reuse it with your filtered water. Same thing, less waste, all brought to you by technology.

There are so many ways that technology helps us live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. We should take advantage of those things such as staying green by using a water filter and a water bottle instead of buying plastic bottles by the case load. Also, even as aforementioned, check out things such as shampoo and body washes and see if you can bring organics into this world that we are trying to make greener every day

Infographics, this is technology. Technology, this is infographics. Now shake hands.

INFOGRAPHICSThat’s right, technology is bringing a new and exciting light into the world of infographics. Infographics have always been a way to show information (hence the “info”) in a graphic format (hence the graphics) showing the one viewing it an easy way to get what they are looking for. They are not your regular chart or diagram. They are innovative ways to chart and diagram. Infographics grab the attention of the one viewing it and show them all the information they need to know in eye catching ways.

Technology comes into play with the internet and websites. Now infographics are used often to breathe new life into information thanks for the technology brought to us through the internet. Wouldn’t you rather just look at a picture and words that don’t overwhelm that depict the information you need? This way gathering that information faster and in an easier manner than sitting there reading page after page after page of written material. They can also be set up in ways that make the venture for information fun and more memorable as well.

For instance, check out the infographic by They have an infographic that gets you information in an eye pleasing manner and is setup in a way that you can learn and absorb what message they are trying to get out to you in an enjoyable way. Much better than going through what is commonly referred to as a “wall of text”. You don’t have to read for hours, you can get the information from the infographic quickly and absorb and hold in the information easily. Much more convenient and enjoyable than reading pages upon pages of information.

Technology has brought spice to a format that was usually just on paper or many boards and now can easily be viewed by the masses. It helps companies and people get their product or message out to people who are actually going to see what it is they need to. When made to read pages of the same information, we tend to speed read just looking for the one piece of information we want and in that case we just read right over it and miss what we needed altogether. That is not good.

Infographics now having been modernized on the internet and other media in new ways says so much to where we have come with the boom of the information superhighway. They are on a lot of sites you visit and don’t even realize that they have drawn you into their information they want to share with you by presenting it in a way that can even make it fun. It’s colorful, it just pops and that sticks with you a whole lot more than just plain text.

The next time you turn to the internet to look up information, notice which sites that you browse through seem to “speak” to you better than others. Take a mental note of what it was about that particular site that you remember and that you got the most from. You’ll be surprised just how much infographics is used thanks to its new friend, technology.

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