3 Manliest Tech Gadgets for 2014

We all love gadgets. Here are thousands of very different and extremely useful gadgets out there in the market. Males and females fall in love with the beauty and safety that these apps bring us. They make our lives much easier and much more fun on a day to day basis. However we notice that the market has split and is now providing users different gadgets for males and females. These gadgets count with special characteristics and features that make it special for any male to own!

Check the top 3 items and fall in love with everything that they can do for you as a stylish male!

The Skullcandy Earphones.

These earphones are extremely stylish, powerful and comfortable. Most people struggle to find a set of earphones that is fit for a male (since most are too big, too colorful and plain ugly.). This brand is meant for guys with style and also that praise for a good sound quality. The bass quality and everything about these phones will make any male play his favorite songs twice as much as they normally would in any other phones. These are stylish, discreet and perfect to fit in any bag. Males will indeed have a truly mainly gadget once they lay their hands in any Skullcandy set of earphones. The true manly option when it comes to earphones!http://gadgets4guys.com/

The Sony Experia Z phone.

We all know how males can be quite adventurous and have some sort of lack of attention as well! We also know that it does not happen on purpose; it is the male’s nature to be wild, adventurous and most of all plain fast! This is the right phone for those who often travel a lot, drop their phones or even need a sturdy phone that will not crack the first time it meets the cold cement. The Sony Experia Z is an excellent choice that blends the true capacity of worldwide famous company Sony with the sturdiest materials that will keep your phone always in one piece! You can even go on a waterfall and keep this phone with you! This waterproof gadget is more than perfect to last and is extremely manly to look at!


Victorinox Flash USB Drive + Handy Tools

This is the perfect set for males that are truly manly! This set comes with a USB flash drive of 32 GB that is perfect to store your documents, pictures or any work! The flash drive is of high quality. Victorinox also provide sin the kit their handy tools that are bound to be useful in several different ways. You will get a small set of scissors, a nail file and others! All of this set is as small as any key chain that you could ever find! This is a perfect gift for those who want useful items to have 24 hours a day. The right gift for those who are willing to have something useful at all times. The quality is great and the style will be simply unmatchable.visit this website for more details.

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