8 Benefits of Cloud Storage

cloud storage 1It was only a few years ago that cloud storage exploded onto the tech scene. At first, people did not really understand it. Even today, people are asking what EXACTLY is the cloud. But the growing benefits of using cloud based computing for individuals and businesses alike have contributed to its overall growth and success. In fact, it is estimated that small businesses will spend around $100-billion in 2014 on cloud computing services. So what are the benefits of this technology that have business owners knocking at the door of the future? We have outlined the top 8 perks of cloud storage here.

1. Flexibility – Traditional storage has set limits. Businesses who are over one limit are forced to purchase the bigger package even if it is more storage space than they  need. Overall, this leads to a waste of money. With cloud storage you are able to get exactly the amount of storage that you need and expand it instantly as your business grows. The overall flexibility of cloud storage is why nearly 65% of users choose it. Click here to learn more.

2. No More “Disaster” Recovery Plans – It was not that long ago that companies needed a backup of a backup of a backup for their files in event of a computer meltdown. With cloud computing, your files are securely stored on an offsite server. If your personal/business computer were to crash, you can quickly download your files from the cloud and resume business as usual.

3. Auto Updates – Businesses do not have to worry about hiring someone to handle updates to their servers. When you choose cloud storage, the supplier handles the maintenance and all updates. This saves businesses time and money.

4. Collaboration Simplified – Cloud storage allows for easy collaboration between various team members on any project. Each person can have access to the specific folder that is securely located on the cloud. Files can be uploaded, edited and shared all within the cloud storage system without the need of special software.

5. Stay Connected – Anywhere – One downfall of traditional businesses is that you are always required to be in the office in order to complete work. Cloud storage allows individuals to stay connected regardless of where they are. Business owners are using this option to offer remote positions that cost them less overhead but allow them to pay their employees more.

6. Enhanced Security – The biggest fear of larger companies is that someone will hack their systems and steal information. Cloud storage has greater security measures in place than traditional on-site storage options. Additionally, should your device be lost or stolen, you can easily retrieve your files from the cloud server.

7. Eco Friendly – At a time when everyone is looking out for the environment, cloud storage services are ahead of the game. By allowing businesses to only use the server space they need instead of requiring them to buy excess, these companies are helping decrease the carbon footprint of businesses.

8. Document Control – Traditionally, individuals who are collaborating together have to send files back and forth via email. This increases the risk of viruses and hacking. With cloud storage businesses have greater control over their documents. Files are kept in the central location on the cloud and each person is able to update that specific document. In the end, cloud storage is more efficient and helps improve the bottom line of businesses.

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