A New Age…

This is an age of technology. Everything is controlled by technological means and everyone is obsessed with their devices. Most people have at least 3 different devices at a time, their laptop, their cell phones and their tablets, all of which are connected to the internet. People hardly ever have face to face conversations anymore because they have become all but obsolete. Technology is a good and amazing thing and has done wonders for the world around us, but it does have some drawbacks of its own as well.

Not everyone has acclimated to the constant changes in technology, and a lot of those people feel lost. Not because they don’t like technology, but because they cannot keep up with it. Not all of us have this natural ability to work well with anything technical. Those of us who can’t tell what is wrong with their own computer or who can’t use some of the newest forms of technology are getting left behind. People like that see everyone around them excelling with their devices and knowledge of the inside of these computers, see them talking to a computer to watch it answer them and they have no idea how it is done.

There will always be those who don’t understand technology and those who cannot keep up with it but a lot of the gaps have to do with money as well. Some of us never had iPads or tablets when we were young. A lot of us cannot afford to get the new hot thing. We save up our money to finally have what is so coveted by others only to realize that we don’t understand it in the slightest. It is hard to be behind when it comes to something so incredibly massive. Every single day there is new advance in technology and every day the people who can surf the web, but not much more, get further behind. It is a simple matter of understanding the basics and growing with them. If you never learned how to fix a computer, then you will be that much further behind.

The good news is that there are hundreds of people whose jobs it is to just help those of us who don’t understand the technology that we live with. They tell us how to fix computer problems and teach us about the latest thing in order to help us stay as current as we can. They are the ones who deal with the problems that we could not begin to fathom. It seems in this time that almost everyone can take their computer apart, wipe the hard drive, fix software problems or clean out their “cookies” but for the rest of us that seems impossible and almost magical.

Everyone has some kind of tablet now and they are mostly pretty straight forward but some people still need that extra help. When you finally get the newest technological marvel it is hard to not understand it. That is why people like computer technicians and things like the iPad Air Tutorial exist, to help bridge the gap.

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