The stars of the technology of tomorrow can get a head start with the technology of today.

BABIESOur little one’s have a bright future when it comes to technology.  Look at where we are now and know that they are going to grow and thrive in a society that has great technology to offer today.  It’s growing at a rate we can barely keep up with.  For instance, you just bought a new smartphone 3 months ago and already they are preparing to release the 4th in the series.  You haven’t even figured out how to use everything the 3rd one offers as of yet.  Do you upgrade to the new one when it’s released, or finishing learning the one you have now and by then they will be ready to release the 5th?  Decisions, decisions.

Your child will be ready for what’s ahead as it is while they grow they are getting the chance to grow with technology and have it with them as it evolves.  They already know how to use your IPad to read their favorite childhood books.  They know they can see mommy or daddy talk to them on a phone through video chat.  Technology is being geared for the younger generation.  Dress them for today’s tech world in funny baby onesies that show they’re prepared for what’s coming.  Such as a onesie designed to look like Homer Simpson’s shirt, tie, and ID badge for the nuclear plant he works at and your baby now has a look like they’re ready to work in a high tech world.

Today’s technology can enhance things for you to use as you bring baby up.  Such as a bottle that’s self-warming, or a stroller that folds up on its own.  This means they are already exposed to a high tech lifestyle.  It has been studied that there are more children that are between the ages of 2 and 5 that can play a games on the computer or latest console, work a smartphone, and  might have even been taught how to potty on the iPotty.  A child toilet training potty that has an iPad dock built in that your little one can play with while they sit and try to learn to make their trip to the commode.  Imagine if that was integrated into the adult world.  The only time most of us would leave the bathroom would be to eat and head on back and while we wait for nature’s call.
Our children are getting started so early with technology that it is becoming a part of them.  They are growing into it smoothly and will be the ones that help it to reach new heights that we haven’t even imagined yet.  Look at where we are now in the world of technology and just think of how it’s going to keep growing at a rate we can barely keep up with.  Our children are fitting into this mold at such a young age that they are going to be the designers of bigger, better, and faster technology to come.


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