How to Improve Your Landscape During the Spring Season?

Since the warm warmer weathers are fast approaching, we have decided to compile helpful tips that can help you to spruce up and improve your garden, lawn, and the surrounding landscape you have for your landscape construction in Bratislava. Below is a list of landscaping ideas for spring so that your yard and lawn will be prepared to the incoming warmer seasons: 

Have a basic clean up 

To get ready for springtime, the things you need to prioritize is to do a dew basic cleaning up and landscape maintenance. Make sure to clean your lawn from start to end and try to remove the debris that is accumulated over the winter season. You might need to wear heavy-duty gloves to help secure your hands since they could be broken or jagged branches that leftover from the storms during the cold months.  

Break out the rake  

As soon as you’re done cleaning up your yard, go get your rake and eliminate any leaves that are either new arrivals from the winter or left from the fall. While doing this, expect to get any acorns, pinecones, loose twigs, and any forms of debris in your lawn. Moreover, raking has a secondary advantage as it helps spark growth and breaks up clumped-up grass.  

Begin to prune 

The next thing you should be doing for this landscape idea during spring would be pruning. For your shrubs and trees, spring is the perfect time for them to be pruned. You will enhance the condition of your trees while also removing the possibly dangling and dangerous limbs as you provide your trees a nicer shape. Aside from that, you can help your shrubs to be revitalized as you help to keep their shape and size more convenient.  

Edge your lawn 

Edging your lawn can aid in defining the space where your landscaping begins and where your yard ends. Also, it will keep grass from developing into your beds and provide your lawn a neat appearance.  

Add new mulch 

You can help your plants by adding new mulch. This way, your plants can control their absorption of moisture as it helps keep the weeds covered for them to sprout. It would be a great idea to eliminate any old mulch before applying a new layer. Remember to wait for some time until plants start to sprout so you will not prevent their development and cover them. 

Fertilize your yard 

Fertilizing your yard is the last but not the least tip we will provide to you to spruce up your landscaping. It is known that fertilizer is a major ingredient to keep your grass strong. Add fertilizer right after or just before it rains if possible. Aside from that, doing this could be the best time to set aside pre-emergence herbicide to stop weeds. Although this herbicide works by preventing the seeds from developing. Hence, you should be careful about where you would want to use it and refrain from using both of them together once you are seeding your grass.