3 Ways Technology Has Improved Sports

TECHNOLOGY AND SPORTSThere is no denying that technology has infiltrated every part of our lives. The world of technological advancement has helped us to enjoy improvements in everything from cooking, to reading, all the way to trip planning and sports.

The world of sports is one of the areas that have most improved due to the benefits of technology. How we watch our sporting events, what the athletes use and what the everyday active person wears and uses have all been upgraded over time thanks to science. Here are some examples:

 How We Watch Sports

Starting with the television itself, TV has improved how we can watch sports, in that we don’t have to physically be at any given game to enjoy it. Even back when TVs were tiny little black and white boxes, it still gave us baseball and football from across the country and it’s only gone uphill from there. Now we have flat plasma screens with surround sound and home entertainment systems that almost beat the live experience of going to a game.

How sports are monitored has changed too. We now have the technology to provide instant replay footage for any sport which has helped many a referee or judge make the right call. We also have “hawk eye” technology that can track a ball and its path. This is helpful for sports like tennis or golf.

 The Tools We Use

Accessories in sports have come a long way as well. Things like sports watches, clocks, running shoes and even hats have evolved with improved design and functionality. There are also the accessories we use on our phones, like apps for athletes or apps for sports statistics. There are apps to track your exercise, diet, speed and heart rate, just to name a few. For those who are not participating but are watching instead, there are applications for that too. Phone apps for tracking game results or sending up-to-the-minute scores are huge with sports fans around the world.

 The Clothes We Wear

Most of all, the clothing we wear to facilitate our sporting life has grown the most. From head to toe we’ve made leaps and bounds in the arena of smart sporting wear to help us in our activities. From baseball to swimming, mountain climbing to golf, the clothes we wear have helped our game. A quick look back at the swimsuits of the 1950s will show you how far swimwear has advanced for both ladies and men. How anyone could ever swim a length in those old swimsuits beats me. Today we have rain repellant jackets and pants, sweat absorbing material woven into our tops and that’s just a start. There are hi-tech waterproof socks with individual toe grips for water sports and cloth that keeps you cool for outdoor sports like tennis or golf. Hiking culture has never been more popular and the items you can find in that area is vast as well. We’ve got state-of-the-art, lightweight backpacks, ergonomic shoes and boots, bug, sun or rain repellant clothing and all kinds of smart gadgets to make your trek more efficient too. Easy to snap on water bottles, compasses, walking sticks and shoe grip covers are just a few things that have turned this activity into a professional job. Check out hiking gear reviews online for what is best for your hiking needs. For other sports goods and accessories, you need not look far. Most can be ordered from your computer to your door within the week. Look how far we’ve come.

The Technology of CSS Button Making



Over the past ten years or more people have been developing blogs and websites to represent just about everything. They have blogs geared towards fashion, hair, movies, family life, healthy, and last but not least fitness. With the development of a blog you will also have advertising opportunities and in order to advertise you will need a CSS3 button. Locating a CSS3 button maker is quite easy since they are all over the net. But the best one to use is one that works for you the way you want it to. Developing a button can be fun. You get to do many things in the process of developing a button. Here are a few steps to take to develop a useful button.


  • Find the right program

Finding the right program that you can work with is not that hard. Searching google for different button maker programs will bring up a whole list of articles.

  • Artwork

You will need your art work for the button. Most art work is copy written so using a site like Shutter stock you can purchase credits to use the gif that you are wanting to use. This gives you unlimited use of the gif you pick out.

  • Font

Then you will need to find the right font. This can be a little bit trickier. So search hard for the right free downloadable font so that you can add it to your font files.

  • Color Scheme

Once you have your image and your font you will need your color scheme. This is something that should represent the color theme of your blog or page and should also be colors that you are happy with.

  • Sizing the button

Deciding on the right size of your button can be hard. Most buttons are 125×125, but you can also do one 150×150 or go even larger and do an elongated one such as 90×300. All buttons can come in different sizes. Making the right choice is based on what area you are placing it in.

  • Photoshop

You will need to put it all together with a Photoshop program or picmonkey.com. Picmonkey.com or Gimp.com are all design programs that you can use to design the button. It helps you to add the background, layer on the words and images and size to the appropriate size.

Once you have figured all this out it is best to use CSS3 button generator to get your codes. This is how you generate a button for the side of your blog or for advertising on other sites. This process can be used for many different companies and some people even offer this as a service to others for a small fee. However, if your any good ad designing things or are very creative this is something you can do yourself without the $25 fee for button making.

Each website or blog needs a button and what’s better than making it yourself? The act of learning something new that will save you money in the long run when it comes to your business, blog, or website.

Life Changing Tech: Plasma Collection System

JC JCTechnology extends far beyond the palm of our hands. The medical world is filled with a variety of technology that changes our lives every time it is used. There is everything from hands-free surgical tools to 3D printers that are used to advance medicine by leaps and bounds. Another piece of life changing technology that we rarely hear about is the plasma collection system.

What is It?

The plasma collection system is a machine that withdraws blood from a patient at a steady rate, filters out the plasma and returns the remaining blood cells back to the donor. Plasma is used for people with white blood cell deficiency or those who are unable to generate their own plasma. This particular procedure is beneficial to the recipient because it gives them a normal quality of life and allows them to live with a life threatening illness.

Technological Changes

Like many pieces of technology, the older models were very basic. The latest machine that we see here is designed to be digital and automated. Part of the job of a phlebotomist is to monitor the patient, check their heart rate and make necessary changes to the machine during the donation process. The new models streamline this by showing codes and digital information such as the patients blood pressure and heart rate. The machine can speed up or slow down the withdrawal and return speeds automatically based on the information it interprets from the patient it is connected to. It is also designed to notify attendants if there are any problems with the machine such as a kink in the tube or that the plasma bag is full. All in all, this allows the phlebotomist to focus on the patient instead of on the machine.

Necessary Training

While the plasma collection machine makes it easier for the technicians, there is still specialized training required. Becoming a phlebotomist can be done through a technical school or a specific training center. If you check out phlebotomy courses in New York, for example, you will find that the program can be completed in as little as six months for the right, motivated individual. Many attendants pursue this career choice while working on a larger degree for another area of study.

The program will not only teach individuals about the machine and how it operates but also about the entire blood donation process. Traditional blood donation is what we often see in our communities where individuals donate to organizations like The Red Cross. Plasma donation is the only type of blood donation that actually pays the donor for their time. Donors can earn between $15 and $50 per donation session depending on how frequently they visit.

Comparatively speaking, a phlebotomist is paid higher than a certified nursing assistant. This is one of the big attractions to this type of profession. Much like a CNA, there are hundreds of available jobs in the United States. As the need for donation centers continues to rise, there will continue to be new job openings. Of course, may phlebotomists simply work through hospitals to assist nurses and doctors with any type of blood withdrawal that is needed.

Technology in our future lives

TECHNOLOGYThis is the age of technology and everything has some form of technology in it. Take for instance the basic phone has now turned into a small hand held computer. Even the house phone is being made more technologically advanced. Some house phones are now connected to your cell phone so you don’t have to worry about two phones in your home, they have built in answering machines, and they can utilize headsets wirelessly. This is how the advancement of mankind has affected our everyday lives.

Even our cars have become moving computers with the GPS systems, the Sirius radio system, the OnStar system, and of course the hands free phone system. These are all advancements that technology has awarded us over the years. But how has technology advanced our exercise routine? By adding heart monitors to exercise equipment you can now monitor your heart rate so that you can keep track of how many calories you are burning. Exercise equipment also calculates by the heart rate how much calories you have burned and how long you have been running for such as 1 mile or more. The on screen data that is presented in cardio equipment is very useful for keeping up with many different factors of your exercise routine.

Technology is the way of the future. Schools are starting to use smart boards for teaching in classrooms from kindergarten to college level classes. They utilize tablets and laptops in class and online libraries for colleges to house their journal articles and books so that students can access the information they need at any time of day or night. Schools are also starting to offer online degrees where you can get all your training, classes, lectures, and quizzes online while obtaining your Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and PhD in the comfort of your own home on your own time.

Imagine if scientists did not invent the technologies we have today! What would we do for telephones? What would we do for TV? How would we go to the moon and back? How would we communicate all over the world? These are questions that have been answered by technology. With technology it would be the dark ages and we would not be as advanced as we are. Technology has brought us out of the dark ages and into a generation of extremely educated, highly technologically adept students who one day will take on the world and change it to make it an even better and more advanced race of educators and students.

Imagine flying cars, and boats that can also drive on land. These are things that technology is working on for our future. Cars that no longer need gas to run and electricity that will not deplete the world’s resources. In our future the options are endless and technology will advance so fast and with such amazement that we may not be able to keep up with growing trends. At this rate we come out with a new phone every six months that adds new and improved apps and features that the previous version wasn’t capable of doing. Every six months a new computer program or game comes out and every few years they advance the gaming consoles making the previous version obsolete. Technology is our future and without it we would be lost.


Take technology with you every step of the way. Literally.

TECHNOLOGYTechnology is everywhere these days. There’s something better, faster, stronger, lighter, smoother, etc. coming out in products constantly. It seems sometimes it’s progressing too fast. For instance you just bought a new smartphone 3 months ago, and already there is a newer version of the same phone. It basically does the same things but has just one difference so now you’re out of the loop and are stuck using yesterday’s smartphone. It happens with anything that has technology working on it or part of it as well. From your phone and your Bluetooth earpiece to the technology used to give your shoes a comfortable sole to maximize your comfort which each step you take. There’s something technologically more advanced coming out soon so don’t get too used to your new gadget or item because there’ll be a newer one right around the corner any minute now.

Talking about shoes and technology seems like an odd combination, doesn’t it? However, technology is used by a lot of shoe and boot companies to bring you the best to every step you take. Everything from the uppers to the soles are tested using technological means to bring to you the best fit and most comfortable sole to walk on. For instance, finding the best work boots for your feet is a challenge because there are so many different kinds out there that have been through rigorous testing to bring you the best of the best with every step and every situation that boot might be in, need it to be waterproofing or having steel toe tops and other things that are important in work boots.

For instance, technology is used to test insoles and find ways to make them more comfortable for everyone. Not everyone has the same foot, so not everyone will be wearing the same boot. Some are tested to have good insoles if you happen to have flat feet. Others are tested to be comfortable for those who might have a high arch. Technology breaks down the foot and goes after key points and areas that need to be updated to bring the best to everybody.   Computers and equipment map the bottom of the foot and the boot makers go from there. The computers can even show things such as measuring the pressure points from each step so those working on the boot know exactly what they need to concentrate on.

Like said previous, technology stretches not just the computer on your desktop but on you and the things you do and even wear. It helps to improve many things, make life easier and better whereas before, certain things were not possible. What gets me the most are the new cars as of late that can help you parallel park by a screen mounted on your dashboard. Where was that when I needed it in driver’s ed? Anyway back to subject at hand, technology is everywhere and with you ever step of the way. Literally.

A New Age…

This is an age of technology. Everything is controlled by technological means and everyone is obsessed with their devices. Most people have at least 3 different devices at a time, their laptop, their cell phones and their tablets, all of which are connected to the internet. People hardly ever have face to face conversations anymore because they have become all but obsolete. Technology is a good and amazing thing and has done wonders for the world around us, but it does have some drawbacks of its own as well.

Not everyone has acclimated to the constant changes in technology, and a lot of those people feel lost. Not because they don’t like technology, but because they cannot keep up with it. Not all of us have this natural ability to work well with anything technical. Those of us who can’t tell what is wrong with their own computer or who can’t use some of the newest forms of technology are getting left behind. People like that see everyone around them excelling with their devices and knowledge of the inside of these computers, see them talking to a computer to watch it answer them and they have no idea how it is done.

There will always be those who don’t understand technology and those who cannot keep up with it but a lot of the gaps have to do with money as well. Some of us never had iPads or tablets when we were young. A lot of us cannot afford to get the new hot thing. We save up our money to finally have what is so coveted by others only to realize that we don’t understand it in the slightest. It is hard to be behind when it comes to something so incredibly massive. Every single day there is new advance in technology and every day the people who can surf the web, but not much more, get further behind. It is a simple matter of understanding the basics and growing with them. If you never learned how to fix a computer, then you will be that much further behind.

The good news is that there are hundreds of people whose jobs it is to just help those of us who don’t understand the technology that we live with. They tell us how to fix computer problems and teach us about the latest thing in order to help us stay as current as we can. They are the ones who deal with the problems that we could not begin to fathom. It seems in this time that almost everyone can take their computer apart, wipe the hard drive, fix software problems or clean out their “cookies” but for the rest of us that seems impossible and almost magical.

Everyone has some kind of tablet now and they are mostly pretty straight forward but some people still need that extra help. When you finally get the newest technological marvel it is hard to not understand it. That is why people like computer technicians and things like the iPad Air Tutorial exist, to help bridge the gap.

Using the Latest Technology to Plan for Home and Bathroom Renovations

Home and bathroom renovations can be very rewarding in terms of a return on your investment in your home. On the other hand taking on home renovations can be large amounts of work. Without proper planning and organization your home renovations could cost you more than you bargained for. Before you begin any Perth home and bathroom renovations take the time to consider your budget, whether or not you require a contractor and how much time you are willing to dedicate to the project. The latest in home renovation apps will assist you every step of the way and make the process of planning your project so much easier.

Deciding on a Budget with the Renovation Budget Tracker App

Costs can add up quickly when it comes to home renovations, so decide on how much you are able to spend and create a budget. You will be able to keep a close watch on your money spent during your project with the Renovation Budget Tracker app by DKDesings. It will help you to create your initial budget, record your payments and receipts as well as track the timing until you have completed your renovation project.

Measure and Draw Up the Space with the Home Sizer App

You do not want a situation where you have purchased a new sink or bath fixtures and they do not fit. Measure each aspect of the bathroom you wish to renovate before beginning anything. Once you have measured the space and size of the fixtures you are replacing or moving you can then draw up new plans for the space. The app Home Sizer can be extremely helpful for sizing a room. The calculations it will give you for measurements will help you throughout the entire renovation process.

Consult Contractors and Renovation Companies Using the Home Design 3D App

Calling a contractor for estimates early on in the renovation process is a good idea. Companies like the Roman Perth Renovation Group will be happy to assist you in all your home and bathroom renovation needs. You may wish to call previous customers of a company you would like to go with in order to ask if they were happy with the results of their renovation project. Hiring a high quality, knowledgeable contractor is key in ensuring that that your home and bathroom renovation project runs smoothly. In order to expedite contractor consultations, use the Home Design 3D app. It will allow you to design and view a room from start to finish. You can get right down to business in discussing fixtures and room layouts with your contractor and they will have 3D designs to go by.

Decide on How Big You Want to Go with Wunderlist

Your home and bathroom renovations could be as simple as adding a new coat of paint or as complex as replacing a tub or sink. When you are in the planning stage make a clear decision as to how complex you want your project to be and stick within the limits you have set out for the project in order to be happy with the results and amount of time it will take to get there. Make a very detailed list of all the items that you want so that you do not get overwhelmed or discover partway through a project that you require more materials than you had originally planned for. Wunderlist is an organization app that is perfect for making that detailed list of all the items you want in a project. It will help you to organize your list in terms of priorities and you will be able to stay on top of all the tasks required for your project.

5 Pieces of Technology That Have Changed for the Better

Technology surrounds us every day. We fail to realize that some of the most basic items in our lives have been changed for the better. Changing technology can do everything from save us money to make us feel safer during a bad situation. Here are five pieces of technology that have changed for the better.

1. Light Bulbs – Let’s face it, light bulbs are something we only think about when one is actually blown. But the old style of bulbs that we remember from even a decade ago no longer exists. Today’s bulbs last longer, are designed from recycled materials and use less energy while still providing the same luminosity. While there used to only be one type of light bulb, today there are hundreds. Light bulbs are used in everything from our cell phones to our televisions to our automobiles and our appliances to a quality flashlight. It definitely beats attempting to keep an oil lantern lit to see our surroundings.

2. The Flashlight – The original flashlight was a candle or a torch. Then it was the oil lantern. Today, lighting has changed by more than just the bulb. If you were to pick up a quality tactical flashlight the first thing you would notice is that it is lightweight. Then you might notice how there are models that do not even need batteries or which have self-charging batteries. You can find emergency flashlights that wind up as well as some that are solar powered. Either way, when it comes to an emergency, having these handheld lights can make your life a whole lot easier.

computer evolution3. Computers – Not too many people can remember the first mainstream computers. Just a hint – they hadn’t developed the iconic “blue screen of death” yet. Everything about computers has changed. Right down to how we store our documents. Just 20 years ago there were floppy discs that then turned into hard floppy discs before becoming the usb drive and then the skydrive. Computer technology is now factored into our appliances, our cars, television and mobile devices. When you talk about the traditional computer, it is used for everything from working from home to performing surgery at leading medical centers.

4. Solar Power – Solar panels have been around for decades. The first models were large and costly. But today it’s different. Now you can build your own solar panel at an affordable rate. Solar panels are just one of the different types of solar products that exist today. There is everything from solar batteries to bite-size solar shingles that can be used with your home. Solar power even has tax benefits if you choose it. In fact, if you choose to drive an electric car and have your house solar powered them you can earn double the tax rebates and power your vehicle and home using the sun.

5. Television – It was only 10 years ago that you were still purchasing big, boxy television sets. Then, practically overnight, the design changed. Manufacturers found a way to take the technology of a traditional television set and make it smaller. Then they use new screen technology to change the clarity and quality of the picture. Finally, high resolution was added just before televisions became “smart”. While it is more of a novelty when it comes to technological advancements, this same technology is used in hospital imaging machines, airlines and computers.

8 Benefits of Cloud Storage

cloud storage 1It was only a few years ago that cloud storage exploded onto the tech scene. At first, people did not really understand it. Even today, people are asking what EXACTLY is the cloud. But the growing benefits of using cloud based computing for individuals and businesses alike have contributed to its overall growth and success. In fact, it is estimated that small businesses will spend around $100-billion in 2014 on cloud computing services. So what are the benefits of this technology that have business owners knocking at the door of the future? We have outlined the top 8 perks of cloud storage here.

1. Flexibility – Traditional storage has set limits. Businesses who are over one limit are forced to purchase the bigger package even if it is more storage space than they  need. Overall, this leads to a waste of money. With cloud storage you are able to get exactly the amount of storage that you need and expand it instantly as your business grows. The overall flexibility of cloud storage is why nearly 65% of users choose it. Click here to learn more.

2. No More “Disaster” Recovery Plans – It was not that long ago that companies needed a backup of a backup of a backup for their files in event of a computer meltdown. With cloud computing, your files are securely stored on an offsite server. If your personal/business computer were to crash, you can quickly download your files from the cloud and resume business as usual.

3. Auto Updates – Businesses do not have to worry about hiring someone to handle updates to their servers. When you choose cloud storage, the supplier handles the maintenance and all updates. This saves businesses time and money.

4. Collaboration Simplified – Cloud storage allows for easy collaboration between various team members on any project. Each person can have access to the specific folder that is securely located on the cloud. Files can be uploaded, edited and shared all within the cloud storage system without the need of special software.

5. Stay Connected – Anywhere – One downfall of traditional businesses is that you are always required to be in the office in order to complete work. Cloud storage allows individuals to stay connected regardless of where they are. Business owners are using this option to offer remote positions that cost them less overhead but allow them to pay their employees more.

6. Enhanced Security – The biggest fear of larger companies is that someone will hack their systems and steal information. Cloud storage has greater security measures in place than traditional on-site storage options. Additionally, should your device be lost or stolen, you can easily retrieve your files from the cloud server.

7. Eco Friendly – At a time when everyone is looking out for the environment, cloud storage services are ahead of the game. By allowing businesses to only use the server space they need instead of requiring them to buy excess, these companies are helping decrease the carbon footprint of businesses.

8. Document Control – Traditionally, individuals who are collaborating together have to send files back and forth via email. This increases the risk of viruses and hacking. With cloud storage businesses have greater control over their documents. Files are kept in the central location on the cloud and each person is able to update that specific document. In the end, cloud storage is more efficient and helps improve the bottom line of businesses.

Baby Talk: The Sweet Technology Behind Strollers

best tandem strollerWe often forget that technology is not just about your favorite electronic devices. In fact, the same technology that issued to make your sneakers more comfortable or your car more secure is implemented into the hottest strollers today. Safety and reliability are important for every parents and the tech-savvy geniuses behind these must-have items knows it. Have you ever wondered what makes one stroller better than another? You’re about to find out.

Ergonomic Handle – Ergonomic technology has been around for decades but started making its way to the mainstream about 15 years ago. Suddenly we were seeing ergonomic handles on everything from climbing gear to umbrellas. This design is crafted around the way a hand actually fits around an item. Instead of having the traditional metal or plastic bar on your favorite double stroller, you now have a grip and shape that fits in your palm. The function of this tech is to create a more comfortable experience for the user. When it comes to pushing two or three babies in a stroller, this means that parents can enjoy their walks or runs longer without having sore palms after.

Shocks – It might seem completely crazy to install shocks on a stroller, but that is what companies are doing now. Sure, you survived as a child with the bumpy rides but parent today want their kids to be as comfortable as possible. The shock system in the best tandem stroller is similar to that of a car. It absorbs rough terrain to create a smooth ride for your child. The real benefit is that the smooth ride ensures that your sleeping child will stay asleep and that he will not shift in his seat belt from too much rough terrain.

Cooling Shade – Easily one of the best modern day features of a stroller is the cooling shade. This allows parents to protect their kids from the harmful rays of the sun. Some strollers even come equipped with a complete fold down shade which encompasses the child in a darkened, cooled space while they nap on the go. The material that baby strollers are made out of is designed to reflect heat. There is even a handy plastic window so that parents can check on what their kids are doing.

On-board Storage – The person who said “don’t cry over spilt milk” never watched her kids milk cup spill all over the pavement on a hot summer day. The modern stroller alleviates that problem with built in storage compartments all around. First, there is the tray that slides in front of your child. This has a sturdy, non-slip surface to keep your kids snack in place. Then there is the cup holder that is perfect for her sippy-cup. Next, you have the holders for your own beverages and cell phone built right in to the ergonomic handle. Finally, under the child’s seat there is netted storage where you can toss a diaper bag, toys or blankets.

Sound System – Some of the more high tech strollers have built-in speakers which can be connected to your smartphone or tablet. This is a great way to keep kids entertained with their favorite music while you are on the go. It is also safer than trusting a slippery-fingered child with your expensive tablet on a bumpy stroller ride.

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