How Technology has Shaped the Modern Bow

crossbowsTechnology is everywhere these days. It’s in our pockets, it’s on our wrists, it’s taken over our spectacles. We can’t escape it. Even things that we wouldn’t think of as technologically advanced have been shaped by our modern world. Bows and arrows have been used for thousands of years by a variety of peoples across time. There are many types, such as long bows, short bows and cross bows. The bow even helped fuel the idea of missile projections like Ballista missiles used by the Greeks. They’re deadly, accurate and efficient through a variety of ranges. But technology has changed everything about the bow to the point that it’s virtually a different beast altogether. Since its ancient start, the bow has come a long way, but let’s focus on one type: the best compound bow.

–       Compound Bows

A compound bow uses a hybrid of old and new technology. They are a new way of approaching the bow and offer the best in technological advances that we have. They’re light, powerful and full to the brim of tech.

–       Weight

crossbowsComposite bows are made of or carbon or aluminium alloys. These metals are both strong and light, and are often hollowed out for increased weight efficiency. These are the same materials used in aircraft and are premium grade. Older wooden bows could be snapped, burnt or chipped, but these newer ones are almost impossible to break without really trying.

–       Build

Importantly, instead of bending under pressure like an older bow would, composites hold steady. The bolt can be pulled back to extreme lengths without compromising the bow’s structure, allowing for added torsion and strength. Unlike older bows they don’t need to be one solid shaft. Instead, they are made up of a series of moving parts with a wheel spinning on either end of the bow to help draw the string.

–       Sound

Old bows make that twang sound as the string was released. But newer ways of designing has allowed us to create bows that are virtually silent.

–       String

Older bows were simple to use: just pull on the string and let it whip. But these new compound bows offer four different ways to pull your bow: single; twin; hybrid and binary. Each of these offers its own pros and cons but it comes down ot personal preference.

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