The Technology of CSS Button Making



Over the past ten years or more people have been developing blogs and websites to represent just about everything. They have blogs geared towards fashion, hair, movies, family life, healthy, and last but not least fitness. With the development of a blog you will also have advertising opportunities and in order to advertise you will need a CSS3 button. Locating a CSS3 button maker is quite easy since they are all over the net. But the best one to use is one that works for you the way you want it to. Developing a button can be fun. You get to do many things in the process of developing a button. Here are a few steps to take to develop a useful button.


  • Find the right program

Finding the right program that you can work with is not that hard. Searching google for different button maker programs will bring up a whole list of articles.

  • Artwork

You will need your art work for the button. Most art work is copy written so using a site like Shutter stock you can purchase credits to use the gif that you are wanting to use. This gives you unlimited use of the gif you pick out.

  • Font

Then you will need to find the right font. This can be a little bit trickier. So search hard for the right free downloadable font so that you can add it to your font files.

  • Color Scheme

Once you have your image and your font you will need your color scheme. This is something that should represent the color theme of your blog or page and should also be colors that you are happy with.

  • Sizing the button

Deciding on the right size of your button can be hard. Most buttons are 125×125, but you can also do one 150×150 or go even larger and do an elongated one such as 90×300. All buttons can come in different sizes. Making the right choice is based on what area you are placing it in.

  • Photoshop

You will need to put it all together with a Photoshop program or or are all design programs that you can use to design the button. It helps you to add the background, layer on the words and images and size to the appropriate size.

Once you have figured all this out it is best to use CSS3 button generator to get your codes. This is how you generate a button for the side of your blog or for advertising on other sites. This process can be used for many different companies and some people even offer this as a service to others for a small fee. However, if your any good ad designing things or are very creative this is something you can do yourself without the $25 fee for button making.

Each website or blog needs a button and what’s better than making it yourself? The act of learning something new that will save you money in the long run when it comes to your business, blog, or website.

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