The stars of the technology of tomorrow can get a head start with the technology of today.

BABIESOur little one’s have a bright future when it comes to technology.  Look at where we are now and know that they are going to grow and thrive in a society that has great technology to offer today.  It’s growing at a rate we can barely keep up with.  For instance, you just bought a new smartphone 3 months ago and already they are preparing to release the 4th in the series.  You haven’t even figured out how to use everything the 3rd one offers as of yet.  Do you upgrade to the new one when it’s released, or finishing learning the one you have now and by then they will be ready to release the 5th?  Decisions, decisions.

Your child will be ready for what’s ahead as it is while they grow they are getting the chance to grow with technology and have it with them as it evolves.  They already know how to use your IPad to read their favorite childhood books.  They know they can see mommy or daddy talk to them on a phone through video chat.  Technology is being geared for the younger generation.  Dress them for today’s tech world in funny baby onesies that show they’re prepared for what’s coming.  Such as a onesie designed to look like Homer Simpson’s shirt, tie, and ID badge for the nuclear plant he works at and your baby now has a look like they’re ready to work in a high tech world.

Today’s technology can enhance things for you to use as you bring baby up.  Such as a bottle that’s self-warming, or a stroller that folds up on its own.  This means they are already exposed to a high tech lifestyle.  It has been studied that there are more children that are between the ages of 2 and 5 that can play a games on the computer or latest console, work a smartphone, and  might have even been taught how to potty on the iPotty.  A child toilet training potty that has an iPad dock built in that your little one can play with while they sit and try to learn to make their trip to the commode.  Imagine if that was integrated into the adult world.  The only time most of us would leave the bathroom would be to eat and head on back and while we wait for nature’s call.
Our children are getting started so early with technology that it is becoming a part of them.  They are growing into it smoothly and will be the ones that help it to reach new heights that we haven’t even imagined yet.  Look at where we are now in the world of technology and just think of how it’s going to keep growing at a rate we can barely keep up with.  Our children are fitting into this mold at such a young age that they are going to be the designers of bigger, better, and faster technology to come.


How Technology Factors Into Electrical Systems

ELECTRICITYIt seems the tech world is dominating every aspect of our life. With the Internet of Everything, phone’s blending into tablets and pads, game consoles more powerful than PCs and robots that look and act like humans, it’s easy to forget that there are some things that simple need a pair of hands and a bit of grease to accomplish. If you’re the kind of hands on kind of person, then you might be tempted to fix any problems with your electrical supply on your own, but remember, just as technology is disruptive, so too is electricity: it can disrupt your heart from working and your brain from functioning. It’s much better to get in a professional to help out if you encounter any issues, so if you need help look into residential electrical services.

–       Why Shouldn’t I Just Do It?

These days it seems everyone has a DIY YouTube channel outlining all the ways you can repair your car or your phone or your tabletops. That’s all well and good, but with these things if you get something wrong you’re not going to damage yourself or cost yourself thousands in repairs. Technology is great, but at the end of the day if you have a wiring or electrical issue, it’s a specialist task that you should leave to specialists. After all, you wouldn’t want someone looking at your teeth who wasn’t a dentist, nor someone looking at your heart who wasn’t a cardiologist, so why get someone to look at your electricity who isn’t an electrician? Technology is great, but it has its limitation. This is a hands on, specialist job best left to professionals.

–       What Can They Offer?

Getting in an electrician is simple, but there are two stages. The first stage is they come in and give an evaluation. Thankfully, these guys offer it for free, so even if you only think you have an issue you have an incentive to give them a call. It won’t cost you one red cent to be precautionary. After that, they’ll assess what needs to be done and, depending on the size of the job, they’ll talk shop and give you a price. It’s straight forward and down to earth business.

–       Are They Trustable?

The company has been around for over two decades and they are specialists in their field. They’re fast, professional and dedicated to quality. If you can’t trust them you can’t trust anyone. And at least you know if something goes wrong you have someone to blame instead of youself.



Did you know if you take technology on your next fishing trip you’ll come home with a full cooler?

FISHING TECHNOLOGYUsed to be the perfect fish trip consisted of a few things, rod and reel and worms. Oh, and an icy 6 pack of beer if you’re of age. You can now take a little technology with you and I don’t mean your cell phone. You should leave that at home. Look into getting a fish finder to bring with you on your fishing excursion. It’s not like cheating, it’s just like getting a little help finding the best spot to drop your lines in. The spot where all the fish are thinking they are safe. Well with the fish finder you bring alone with you, they are not a safe as they thought. You’ve found the magic spot.

Find out more about fish finders and good reels from Reel Experts and see what all you need for a fishing trip that is like no other and in your top summertime experiences. Find out about the best equipment to bring along with you and top fishing techniques to help boost your bounty on the trip home.

Technology will help you come home with plenty of fish for grilling or an old fashioned fish fry. There will be a lot to go around. All because you came prepared. People have been fishing since they figured out all you need is a stick, string, and a hook. Also, a lot of patience. With a fish finder, your stress level at finding where the fish are gathering will be at an all-time low as they use things such as sonar to find the fish as well as let you know how far the bottom of the water is.

You don’t need a huge boat to take advantage of high technology on the water for your fish finding expedition. There are some options for small fishing boats that you can take advantage of. There are things that you might not have even thought about that can make a huge difference. For instance, a smaller fishing boat can be of help as far as not making you stick out like a sore thumb and fish won’t notice that you’re there as easily as they would if you were out there in a big boat. The prices on small boats are just that too. Pleasantly small.   Smaller than you might expect. Therefore you might not have to go the route of always having to rent a boat, you could have your own. If you do get your own, don’t forget to name it!

Technology and fishing make a good combination that can boost your fish intake substantially. It isn’t cheating, it’s helping you find where it is you’re going to be best off casting your line for the day. No more sitting in a space for hours with not even a nibble. You’ll be able to see where they are trying to hide from you and be able to get an upper hand. So get out there and be sure to bring along a grill to keep on the bank from when you come back. You’ll be needing it!

How Technology has Shaped the Modern Bow

crossbowsTechnology is everywhere these days. It’s in our pockets, it’s on our wrists, it’s taken over our spectacles. We can’t escape it. Even things that we wouldn’t think of as technologically advanced have been shaped by our modern world. Bows and arrows have been used for thousands of years by a variety of peoples across time. There are many types, such as long bows, short bows and cross bows. The bow even helped fuel the idea of missile projections like Ballista missiles used by the Greeks. They’re deadly, accurate and efficient through a variety of ranges. But technology has changed everything about the bow to the point that it’s virtually a different beast altogether. Since its ancient start, the bow has come a long way, but let’s focus on one type: the best compound bow.

–       Compound Bows

A compound bow uses a hybrid of old and new technology. They are a new way of approaching the bow and offer the best in technological advances that we have. They’re light, powerful and full to the brim of tech.

–       Weight

crossbowsComposite bows are made of or carbon or aluminium alloys. These metals are both strong and light, and are often hollowed out for increased weight efficiency. These are the same materials used in aircraft and are premium grade. Older wooden bows could be snapped, burnt or chipped, but these newer ones are almost impossible to break without really trying.

–       Build

Importantly, instead of bending under pressure like an older bow would, composites hold steady. The bolt can be pulled back to extreme lengths without compromising the bow’s structure, allowing for added torsion and strength. Unlike older bows they don’t need to be one solid shaft. Instead, they are made up of a series of moving parts with a wheel spinning on either end of the bow to help draw the string.

–       Sound

Old bows make that twang sound as the string was released. But newer ways of designing has allowed us to create bows that are virtually silent.

–       String

Older bows were simple to use: just pull on the string and let it whip. But these new compound bows offer four different ways to pull your bow: single; twin; hybrid and binary. Each of these offers its own pros and cons but it comes down ot personal preference.

Getting a Loan Out For Your Tech Business

Ever since the financial crises everyone has tightened their belts from the government, to banks, to homeowners and businesses. But the technology world is booming and there are only two reasons it isn’t even bigger today: Skilled employees and finance. Although we can’t help you find your employees, we can help you with the finance. If you’re business is looking to expand, maybe by moving premise or refurbishing or hiring more employees, and you need to funds to do so, then you should discuss a bridging loan and LTVs. BUSINESS LOANS

–       What is a Bridging Loan?

Simply, a bridging loan is a way to get a quick influx of cash that you can use on whatever you want. The amount you get is based off whatever equity you already own, and the rate you pay it back is worked out with your lender. You can expect to pay it back in around six months, but you can negotiate a longer term pay plan. There are some early admin fees, but there are no punishments for paying back early and you are free to use it on whatever you want, whether its investing in an idea, a new office, or some extra staff.

 -What’s an LTV: LTV Discussed

The LTV is the Loan to Value ration. Basically, if you own some equity and it’s valued at half a million and you take out a loan for a quarter of a million, then your LTV is fifty percent. The more you take out based on your equity, the higher your LTV. Obviously, lenders want to guard themselves against risk, so the lower the LTV is the better they feel, but you can easily obtain up to seventy five percent of the value, and more if you have a great credit history. You can also read more here on LTVs as well.

–       Why Is This Important?

The LTV is important because you want to get the most amount of money into your account while the bank wants to have as little risk possible. If you’re looking for a quick injection of money then you can use a bridging loan with a low LTV with very little hassle. This can free your business up to do what needs to be done. However, if you’re looking for more, and your LTV is higher, then you might run into some more complex issues. At the end of the day, if you simply need a quick injection, this is a great way of doing it. Very little fees, very little risk, and very little hassle. You can expand your tech business today.



Technology for the Police, Fire and Rescue

For centuries many police officers have struggled with the learning curve that technology has brought into the work force. Many of the Police officers that started working in the 80’s had to learn the new technological advancements that grew at a rapid pace since the invention of internet and cell phones and many more helpful tools. The police have always been on top of the technological bandwagon. They have looked for new ways of tracking down criminals and taking them off the streets. From developing new equipment such as the DNA testing facilities and the Tasers and bean bag guns, to the GPS systems on cell phones for 911 calls. But one thing that hasn’t changed very much in the past few centuries is the best concealed carrier holster for guns. The guns are still carried in a holster that is pretty much the same design that was originally designed for the Police force. There isn’t too much technology that goes into holsters so the advancements have stopped there.

Even though they have not advanced the holsters they have made some advancements in the guns and the body armor for the officers. They have invented bullet proof vest that last for years and deflect close up shots and long range shots. They have designed ear pieces for hands free communication when in the Task force uniforms. They have also developed boTECHNOLOGY AND SAFETYmb diffusers that can go in and defuse a bomb without anyone having to get close to the bomb. These are all advancements that have helped the police in many large cases.

There was many technological advancements used when the twin towers came down. Such as sonar equipment that detects heat to determine if anyone was still alive in the rubble. They also use machines and equipment to detect any gas fumes and problems that would cause more destruction of the towers. They stayed in contact with each other through the traditional routes since cell towers were down in New York at the time, thank god for ancient technology when things go down.

Many people put their lives on the line every day to protect our communities and city streets. The best thing we can do is support the scientists that develop the technology to better help them protect us and keep the streets safe for our children. Without many new technological advancements from the past twenty years we would have more crime and less safety.

With GPS on every cell phone many people are saved everyday by the fabulous police and fire and rescue staff by using the GPS system to pin point their location and save their lives. Cars have been equipped with GPS systems and OnStar to help the police locate the car when stolen and disable the car from being used by the thief. This gives the police time to locate the car and the thief and get you your property and lock up the criminal for their crimes. Technology has helped the Police be more efficient and work smarter. Without technology many criminals would go free and many innocent criminals would still be locked up.

Time to start looking to head down a career path? Technology is where it’s at!

TECHNOLOGY CAREERSThe summer is winding down and soon you’ll be returning to school, or maybe you’ve already got a job but want to immerse yourself in something that’s a little bit more up and coming. There’s nothing more up and coming than technology based fields. Technology seems to be spreading faster than we can keep up with. You know that new smartphone you bought 6 months ago, well today they unveiled the newer better model that has a lot more features and already your version is hitting the dusty trail.

Nowadays traditional college is good, but to get a faster start on a career there are a ton of trade schools out there and the majority of them are technology based. For instance, radiation therapists and in great need right now. They have schools just for them to keep up with the latest radiation technological advances as they arise. Imagine being in the middle of all the latest training and being at the top of the latest and greatest advances in that field. Visit this site to see what it is that is out there in radiation technology education. Be sure to check out the salaries that radiation therapists make too. That’s like the icing on the cake of that makes up education.

There are so many technologically based fields out there there’s sure to be one that catches your interest and has a good accredited school program to work you through it so when you graduate you are the best you can be. You’re ready for what this world has to offer. You have studied on the latest technology and are prepared for this world of technology. If you’ve ever had the urge to start a career in technology, now is definitely the time to get to it. It’s growing, so why don’t you grow with it too.

Like aforementioned, there are many trade schools in the technology fields if you don’t want to go the route of the traditional 4 years college and then more school after that. Why should you when you could be earning a good paying salary in half the time and be in the know of all the technology that is out and on the horizon from the get go. Be in the know before it gets here and be prepared to know how to handle it.

If technology has ever interested you, now is the time for prime pickings. There are so many options available to you now and many paths to choose from of which you’d like to follow. Why not take advantage of the time and get the ball moving down technology lane with you right behind it learning the latest and greatest the field you’re interested in has to offer.

At the rate of which technology is growing, this is something that you definitely don’t want to put off another moment. You want to be front and center and grow with it so you’ll always be in demand since you’re at the top of your field.

3 Ways Technology Has Improved Sports

TECHNOLOGY AND SPORTSThere is no denying that technology has infiltrated every part of our lives. The world of technological advancement has helped us to enjoy improvements in everything from cooking, to reading, all the way to trip planning and sports.

The world of sports is one of the areas that have most improved due to the benefits of technology. How we watch our sporting events, what the athletes use and what the everyday active person wears and uses have all been upgraded over time thanks to science. Here are some examples:

 How We Watch Sports

Starting with the television itself, TV has improved how we can watch sports, in that we don’t have to physically be at any given game to enjoy it. Even back when TVs were tiny little black and white boxes, it still gave us baseball and football from across the country and it’s only gone uphill from there. Now we have flat plasma screens with surround sound and home entertainment systems that almost beat the live experience of going to a game.

How sports are monitored has changed too. We now have the technology to provide instant replay footage for any sport which has helped many a referee or judge make the right call. We also have “hawk eye” technology that can track a ball and its path. This is helpful for sports like tennis or golf.

 The Tools We Use

Accessories in sports have come a long way as well. Things like sports watches, clocks, running shoes and even hats have evolved with improved design and functionality. There are also the accessories we use on our phones, like apps for athletes or apps for sports statistics. There are apps to track your exercise, diet, speed and heart rate, just to name a few. For those who are not participating but are watching instead, there are applications for that too. Phone apps for tracking game results or sending up-to-the-minute scores are huge with sports fans around the world.

 The Clothes We Wear

Most of all, the clothing we wear to facilitate our sporting life has grown the most. From head to toe we’ve made leaps and bounds in the arena of smart sporting wear to help us in our activities. From baseball to swimming, mountain climbing to golf, the clothes we wear have helped our game. A quick look back at the swimsuits of the 1950s will show you how far swimwear has advanced for both ladies and men. How anyone could ever swim a length in those old swimsuits beats me. Today we have rain repellant jackets and pants, sweat absorbing material woven into our tops and that’s just a start. There are hi-tech waterproof socks with individual toe grips for water sports and cloth that keeps you cool for outdoor sports like tennis or golf. Hiking culture has never been more popular and the items you can find in that area is vast as well. We’ve got state-of-the-art, lightweight backpacks, ergonomic shoes and boots, bug, sun or rain repellant clothing and all kinds of smart gadgets to make your trek more efficient too. Easy to snap on water bottles, compasses, walking sticks and shoe grip covers are just a few things that have turned this activity into a professional job. Check out hiking gear reviews online for what is best for your hiking needs. For other sports goods and accessories, you need not look far. Most can be ordered from your computer to your door within the week. Look how far we’ve come.

The Technology of CSS Button Making



Over the past ten years or more people have been developing blogs and websites to represent just about everything. They have blogs geared towards fashion, hair, movies, family life, healthy, and last but not least fitness. With the development of a blog you will also have advertising opportunities and in order to advertise you will need a CSS3 button. Locating a CSS3 button maker is quite easy since they are all over the net. But the best one to use is one that works for you the way you want it to. Developing a button can be fun. You get to do many things in the process of developing a button. Here are a few steps to take to develop a useful button.


  • Find the right program

Finding the right program that you can work with is not that hard. Searching google for different button maker programs will bring up a whole list of articles.

  • Artwork

You will need your art work for the button. Most art work is copy written so using a site like Shutter stock you can purchase credits to use the gif that you are wanting to use. This gives you unlimited use of the gif you pick out.

  • Font

Then you will need to find the right font. This can be a little bit trickier. So search hard for the right free downloadable font so that you can add it to your font files.

  • Color Scheme

Once you have your image and your font you will need your color scheme. This is something that should represent the color theme of your blog or page and should also be colors that you are happy with.

  • Sizing the button

Deciding on the right size of your button can be hard. Most buttons are 125×125, but you can also do one 150×150 or go even larger and do an elongated one such as 90×300. All buttons can come in different sizes. Making the right choice is based on what area you are placing it in.

  • Photoshop

You will need to put it all together with a Photoshop program or or are all design programs that you can use to design the button. It helps you to add the background, layer on the words and images and size to the appropriate size.

Once you have figured all this out it is best to use CSS3 button generator to get your codes. This is how you generate a button for the side of your blog or for advertising on other sites. This process can be used for many different companies and some people even offer this as a service to others for a small fee. However, if your any good ad designing things or are very creative this is something you can do yourself without the $25 fee for button making.

Each website or blog needs a button and what’s better than making it yourself? The act of learning something new that will save you money in the long run when it comes to your business, blog, or website.

How to stay healthy while working on a computer

STAYING ACTIVEThis is a technology based society and everyone is working on computers which is a pretty popular job these days. Working on computers requires a lot of sitting. Many fitness experts suggest taking a 5-10 minute break to exercise in between really important jobs. Computer programmers will sit at a computer for hours working, it generally drives a programmer nuts to have to stop when he is on a role, and so stopping to take a break can be difficult. Stamina is also an issue when it comes to working on a computer type job. To maintain stamina you need to keep your adrenaline flowing but when sitting down all the time your stamina will decrease and you will loss energy. Energy is a big factor in keeping yourself able to work for long hours. One way to gain energy or stay awake while working long hours is to drink lots of caffeine, but caffeine is not a great source of vitamins and nutrients that will also help you with your necessary daily intake of nutrients.

But you can use supplements to help with this situation, checking out will help you to know which one to use and how they work. Each supplement works in a different way and can help you by increasing energy, helping you maintain a healthy weight, and aid you in burning fat and calories. Supplements can be vitamins and weight protein. But along with supplements you need to exercise and eat properly. If you have a problem with being too big and are having trouble losing weight due to your lack of enough exercise you can take a supplement that will help burn fat while you work. But exercise is advisable also.

Exercising every 15 minutes while working for 5-10 minutes will help you stay active and healthy and keep your adrenaline and metabolism working well. Exercise is a great way to stay healthy. If you know that you are going to be working for a long period of time then exercising before you start working will help get your energy up and keep it up. Once you get to a stopping point you can exercise some more to re-energize your body.

Although computer related jobs are very popular and many people work them not many people take heed to the need to keep active even while working. Many people develop back problems, carpel tunnel, arthritis, and many more health related issues that are associated with working at a computer desk all day. Some people even have eye problems from looking at the screens. There are ways to combat these health related issues but the most important thing to remember is that as long as you take vitamins, and nutrients, you eat right, and stay active you can continue to do your job while taking care of your health. Your health is the most important thing to staying alive and active. IF you don’t take care of your health your metabolism will slow down and you will start noticing extra pounds being added in inappropriate places.

Although technology related jobs are a great way to earn money you also need to take care of yourself and sometimes spending that hard earned money on a personal trainer and supplements is more helpful than avoiding it all together.

More information is also available here!



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