Technology can work magic in ways to help you stop annoying people with your snoring

SNORINGEver have a problem with snoring or know someone who does?  Chances are high that you answered yes to one of those questions.  A lot of people snore and think it’s just something that they do naturally and there’s nothing they can do to change it.  The ones who snore only realize it when they wake themselves up with a loud one only to roll over, get repositioned, and get back to sleep only to start snoring in a bit again.  Then there are the ones who sleep next to someone who snores.  They have conditioned themselves in ways to deal with it.  Some go about it as giving a gentle tap to the person who’s snoring who recognizes the tap even though they are sleeping and they move to a new position and stop.  They might just whisper for them to stop snoring as another method to get them to stop.  There’s also the way where they could just give them a healthy shove right off the bed and loudly tell them to stop snoring or go sleep on the couch.

There are a lot of reasons people snore, and a couple of ways that technology actually has been put to use to find ways to make the ones who do, stop.  It could be that they sleep with their mouth open, have sinus issues, are overweight, take medicine that put them in a deep state of sleep or they have a medical condition such as sleep apnea that causes them to snore. What happens is that throat tissue comes into contact with the uvula (the cute hanging piece of flesh in your mouth) and when they hit and air tries to get through, they vibrate causing the snore sound we all know and can’t stand. There are new ways to stop snoring such a nose strips that open your nasal passages so you can get more airflow which is being restricted causing you to snore as you try to get in more oxygen flow.

Mouthpieces however tend to be an easy solution and are said to be about 90% effective in bringing the snoring to a halt and making breathing easier.  A mandibular advancement device often known as a MAD is basically a jaw retaining mouthpiece.  Using refined technology to get the custom fit that works for you helps you stop snoring by keeping your lower jaw in a position that keeps it forward.  It actually causes you to bite down putting tension on your jaw.  The tension helps hold the mouthpiece in the correct position.  The mouth guard should have a hole for mouth breathing.  This will aid in proper air intake and reduce the snoring.

The technology that goes into making a custom mouthpiece creates an on point item that will aid you to stop snoring.  The accuracy must be spot on in order for you to get the most benefit from the MAD since it has been crafted specifically for you and your needs.  It has been designed to align itself perfectly so that you get the maximum effect to control your snoring.  This leaves you, and whomever might sleep next to you with a quiet, tranquil, good night’s sleep.


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