5 Must Have Home Appliances For People With Allergies

If you are an allergy sufferer, then you know for a fact what it feels to suffer from a life threatening allergy attack. You also know what it means to observe dust control to reduce allergens all in the name of feeling better. But far from such measures, there are home appliances that can help you to effortlessly keep allergic attacks at bay. Note that while not everyone can afford to have all the mentioned appliances, you can start small and upgrade every month. Remember to carefully choose appliance features so that you can easily reap the best allergen control. So without further ado, here are top 5 home appliances for the allergy sufferer.

Vacuum cleaner

You can always sweep your rooms and dust your furniture manually. But how much of a risk is that to your delicate health? Simply go for a vacuum cleaner. When looking for one, go for one with a sealed unit, good suction and HEPA filtration system.

vacuum cleaner


Air Purifiers

It doesn’t mater how clean your rooms are. Allergens and dust will always find their way into your living spaces.  It could be through your pets, cloths or pests like dust mites. That is where air purifiers come in. they are more than ideal when it comes to controlling dust and allergens that can cause you a nightmare.air purifiers

Portable humidifiers

Add moisture where you need it most with portable humidifiers. When shopping for a humidifier, go for one with variable speed settings. Then place the humidifier where you spend most of your time. If your home is extremely dry, consider adding a second one in the main living space. Remember that some features on your humidifier can affect noise operation, humidifier care and efficiency. Then ensure that you do not add excess moisture to your home, otherwise you may have to use a dehumidifier to get rid of the excess. To avoid such instances, use a hygrometer to monitor your home moisture.


Carpet cleaners

Deep steam carpet cleaners are just as good as vacuum cleaners, only that they are more effective. They reduce dust presence and dander that can build up on carpet fibers with ease. For people sensitive to dust when carpets are clean, running a carpet cleaner can go a long way to help one control dust and allergens.

Dust clean with Steamers

Even natural household cleaners marketed as eco friendly tend to have natural scents. That is where steam mops come in. They are ideal for cleaning floors without scents that can trigger allergic reactions and attacks.

Side note

One good thing will all the aforementioned appliances is the fact that they do not consume a lot of energy. The vacuum cleaner for instance, is an appliance you get to use once or twice a day.  But like you will find out, watching the amount of energy you use is always a smart money saving tip. On that note, consider going for electrician services that will see into it that you fit your home with circuit breakers.

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