8 Apps Every Parent Needs

parenting appsApps designed to ease the minds of parents and expand the minds of children are all the rage. Technology has made it possible to track everything from your child’s medical history to what they are doing with their friends, all from the palm of your hand. Mobile applications are the most popular downloads today. These eight applications have been designed with parents and kids in mind.

  1. Time-Out Free – Sticking to your time limit when you put your child in time-out can be a challenge. Time-out is easier for children when they can see the end point. This free app allows you to set times for each child and utilize your phones alert system to notify you when time is up.
  2. KidStatz – Keeping track of medical records can be a chore. The worst thing for a parent is to have an emergency and not have their child’s medical history readily available. The KidStatz app allows you to keep all information you need on your kids medical history as well as a current picture and characteristics should they ever go missing. There is even a handy button built in to allow you to call the police with one click.
  3. FBI Child ID – This app, created by the FBI, allows you to store characteristics and photographs of your child. If your child were to go missing it also has built in shortcuts for dialing the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and 911. This app is free and available for the iPhone and iPad.
  4. Find My Kids – For parents that have active children, this app allows you to track them. The app uses real-time GPS to showcase where your children are based on their cell phone location.
  5. Sex Offenders Search – Knowing who is in your neighborhood, especially the potential dangers, is a must for every parent. Using your GPS location, this app will alert you to Sex Offender registered in your area. The listings include address, pictures and details of offenses along with an interactive map. View the reviews here.
  6. Baby Monitor HD – What could be easier than watching your child from anywhere you have your phone? This application allows you to use your smartphone, in conjunction with a wireless baby camera, to monitor your child. There is audio and visual feed as well as alerts for motion in the room.
  7. iEarnedThat – Motivating your children to help out around the house is easy with the iEarnedThat app. You are able to assign chores to your child and then reward them based on completion or a positive attitude. The app uses visual aid to help you motivate child by having each accomplishment be a piece of a puzzle. When the puzzle is completed, the prize is earned.
  8. Take Me to My Car – Running to the store is hard enough without being unable to find your automobile. This car will allow you to locate your vehicle with just a few taps of the screen. Next time you cannot find your car at the mall and have two tired, cranky kids on your hands; turn to this app to keep you sane.

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