Baby Talk: The Sweet Technology Behind Strollers

best tandem strollerWe often forget that technology is not just about your favorite electronic devices. In fact, the same technology that issued to make your sneakers more comfortable or your car more secure is implemented into the hottest strollers today. Safety and reliability are important for every parents and the tech-savvy geniuses behind these must-have items knows it. Have you ever wondered what makes one stroller better than another? You’re about to find out.

Ergonomic Handle – Ergonomic technology has been around for decades but started making its way to the mainstream about 15 years ago. Suddenly we were seeing ergonomic handles on everything from climbing gear to umbrellas. This design is crafted around the way a hand actually fits around an item. Instead of having the traditional metal or plastic bar on your favorite double stroller, you now have a grip and shape that fits in your palm. The function of this tech is to create a more comfortable experience for the user. When it comes to pushing two or three babies in a stroller, this means that parents can enjoy their walks or runs longer without having sore palms after.

Shocks – It might seem completely crazy to install shocks on a stroller, but that is what companies are doing now. Sure, you survived as a child with the bumpy rides but parent today want their kids to be as comfortable as possible. The shock system in the best tandem stroller is similar to that of a car. It absorbs rough terrain to create a smooth ride for your child. The real benefit is that the smooth ride ensures that your sleeping child will stay asleep and that he will not shift in his seat belt from too much rough terrain.

Cooling Shade – Easily one of the best modern day features of a stroller is the cooling shade. This allows parents to protect their kids from the harmful rays of the sun. Some strollers even come equipped with a complete fold down shade which encompasses the child in a darkened, cooled space while they nap on the go. The material that baby strollers are made out of is designed to reflect heat. There is even a handy plastic window so that parents can check on what their kids are doing.

On-board Storage – The person who said “don’t cry over spilt milk” never watched her kids milk cup spill all over the pavement on a hot summer day. The modern stroller alleviates that problem with built in storage compartments all around. First, there is the tray that slides in front of your child. This has a sturdy, non-slip surface to keep your kids snack in place. Then there is the cup holder that is perfect for her sippy-cup. Next, you have the holders for your own beverages and cell phone built right in to the ergonomic handle. Finally, under the child’s seat there is netted storage where you can toss a diaper bag, toys or blankets.

Sound System – Some of the more high tech strollers have built-in speakers which can be connected to your smartphone or tablet. This is a great way to keep kids entertained with their favorite music while you are on the go. It is also safer than trusting a slippery-fingered child with your expensive tablet on a bumpy stroller ride.

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