5 ways in which modern technology has transformed our everyday habits

TECHNOLOGY PHOTOModern high technologies quickly came into our lives in the past couple of decades and have become an integral part of them. If you ask people now, especially the younger generations, what they think about a life without their favourite gadgets like smartphones or laptops and internet, they simply can’t imagine it, and they have no idea what people did without them in the previous centuries. There is nothing wrong with modern innovations and new technologies that can make our lives more comfortable, diverse and interesting, yet they have changed our lives dramatically. Even 10 years ago, people had no idea what a smartphone is, or that you can have internet connection all the time, even if you travel abroad, or that every house will have a laptop for each member of the family, and it will be considered as normal. Though this change brought into our lives with computers happened rather fast, and we didn’t really see this transition, when they became highly incorporated in our every day activities.


Social Media

One of the main ways in which technology has changed the way we act, think and what we do on a daily basis is related to the popularity of the social media. It has been estimated that people spend most of their time online, checking out what their friends are doing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Most of them admit that the first thing they do in the morning after they check their email is that they log onto their accounts in the various social media, not because they have something important to post as a status, but mostly to check what their friends have been up to.


Personal gadgets

With the growing trend of having a smartphone, that is connected to the internet most of the time, it is quite rare that there are people who have a simple mobile phone. Nowadays the technology went so far that our phones are also a portable laptop, camera, Dictaphone, and more. You can send messages, check your emails, take photos and videos, browse recipes, have an organizer on the phone and a personal fitness instructor. Though we rarely stop to appreciate all the functions that our phones make accessible to us anywhere we are, they have transformed our lives greatly.


Everyday activities like shopping

Modern technology has also changed many activities that we carry out on a daily basis, like brushing our teeth, shaving, making breakfast and even shopping for groceries. As many businesses move their operations online, many delivery companies offer courier service pricing information that you can have access to in order to estimate the cost of ordering various products. With the possibility to order anything from anywhere, the options for online shopping are endless, as long as you choose a reputable and reliable courier service, like http://courierservicespro.co.uk/.


Home appliances

New technology and progress has filled our homes with gadgets that make our stay there as comfortable as possible. We now have not only smart fridges, that can lock at a certain time, to prevent you from eating snack at midnight, little robots that can vacuum clean the house regardless of day and time, and TV’s that show everything in HD and some even in 3D! Progress has come so far to bring us home everything that we had to get outside to experience, and it doesn’t stop. Every couple of months we hear of a new product that is introduced into the market, and an innovative idea that will make our homes better, more advanced and comfortable.



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