Advancements in technology, footwear and productivity – what do they have in common?

FOOTWEARIf you need to wear boots at work, if for example you work in construction, engineering, factory, etc., you need to wear good quality work boots with a strong sole that can withstand extreme temperatures, exposure to water and dirt, and most importantly, they must be comfortable. Some shoes have special features to protect your feet from potential injuries and accidents, such as a metal insert at the front of the shoe, rubberized sole that does not let oil, acids or other harmful substances penetrate through the material, and a tough exterior that will protect your feet from cold and keep them dry during the rain. An important factor, apart from durability, to consider when choosing work boots, is comfort – as these shoes will have to be worn all day for extended periods of time, if they are uncomfortable, you will soon feel this and it will affect your productivity and efficiency. Thankfully, today, manufacturers take into account all these important factors and there are numerous models on the market that properly address these questions. Even 10 years ago we didn’t have orthopedic soles, or padded, inflated interiors, or insulated boots with fur, whereas now all these are available in various colors and sizes.

Fortunately today the market offers a wide variety of work boots from domestic and foreign manufacturers, giving the customer the opportunity to find quality shoes that are safe and comfortable like a pair of old sneakers, that are offered within a reasonable price range. It is important to determine, according to your type of work and the environment in which it is carried out, the right factors and attributes that the perfect shoes for you will have, such as for example, safety, comfort, appearance and extra features. While you may spend not only hours, but days researching among the endless lists of working boots, which ones suit your needs best, at there is a comprehensive list of the top work boots, even ones with the metal front, the so-called steel toe boots.WORK BOOT PHOTO

The work boots must first of all be safe, and protect your feet from various hazards at work. This can be achieved from the materials out of which the exterior is made, as it must be resistant to chemicals and oils, as well as various weather conditions, be it rain, snow or hail. Therefore when choosing the right work shoes, it is necessary to answer the questions relating to the protection that they offer – from shock, punctures, slips, static electricity, corrosive chemicals and elements, moisture, sparks, and more. Which climatic conditions do you work in? If you work in extreme cold, for example, you need warmth insulating shoes; if you work in areas with high levels of humidity, you need shoes which will protect you from slipping. Furthermore, if your works involves carrying heavy objects, it is absolutely essential that you purchase the steel toe shoe. It has been estimated that roughly about 15% of work-related injuries come in the form of foot injury – either crushed fingers, amputations, wounds, burns, fractures and more. In order to minimize the risk of such health-related issues, it is important to choose the right working boots.

When choosing the shoes that you will wear for extended periods of time at work, pay close attention to how comfortable you feel wearing them, as it directly results in your performance at work. Shoe manufacturers, apart from addressing issues such as appearance and durability, now make boots with extra features, such as thermal protection, hygroscopic ventilation, extra padded soles, flexible, ergonomic design and more, all with the thought of providing you with the choice to find the best shoes for you.

Nowadays the market is filled with a variety of shoes and boots designed specifically to be worn at work, they provide safety, comfort, durability and modern design, all of which not only will protect you from possible injuries, but will make your long hours at heavy work easier.


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