5 Pieces of Technology That Have Changed for the Better

Technology surrounds us every day. We fail to realize that some of the most basic items in our lives have been changed for the better. Changing technology can do everything from save us money to make us feel safer during a bad situation. Here are five pieces of technology that have changed for the better.

1. Light Bulbs – Let’s face it, light bulbs are something we only think about when one is actually blown. But the old style of bulbs that we remember from even a decade ago no longer exists. Today’s bulbs last longer, are designed from recycled materials and use less energy while still providing the same luminosity. While there used to only be one type of light bulb, today there are hundreds. Light bulbs are used in everything from our cell phones to our televisions to our automobiles and our appliances to a quality flashlight. It definitely beats attempting to keep an oil lantern lit to see our surroundings.

2. The Flashlight – The original flashlight was a candle or a torch. Then it was the oil lantern. Today, lighting has changed by more than just the bulb. If you were to pick up a quality tactical flashlight the first thing you would notice is that it is lightweight. Then you might notice how there are models that do not even need batteries or which have self-charging batteries. You can find emergency flashlights that wind up as well as some that are solar powered. Either way, when it comes to an emergency, having these handheld lights can make your life a whole lot easier.

computer evolution3. Computers – Not too many people can remember the first mainstream computers. Just a hint – they hadn’t developed the iconic “blue screen of death” yet. Everything about computers has changed. Right down to how we store our documents. Just 20 years ago there were floppy discs that then turned into hard floppy discs before becoming the usb drive and then the skydrive. Computer technology is now factored into our appliances, our cars, television and mobile devices. When you talk about the traditional computer, it is used for everything from working from home to performing surgery at leading medical centers.

4. Solar Power – Solar panels have been around for decades. The first models were large and costly. But today it’s different. Now you can build your own solar panel at an affordable rate. Solar panels are just one of the different types of solar products that exist today. There is everything from solar batteries to bite-size solar shingles that can be used with your home. Solar power even has tax benefits if you choose it. In fact, if you choose to drive an electric car and have your house solar powered them you can earn double the tax rebates and power your vehicle and home using the sun.

5. Television – It was only 10 years ago that you were still purchasing big, boxy television sets. Then, practically overnight, the design changed. Manufacturers found a way to take the technology of a traditional television set and make it smaller. Then they use new screen technology to change the clarity and quality of the picture. Finally, high resolution was added just before televisions became “smart”. While it is more of a novelty when it comes to technological advancements, this same technology is used in hospital imaging machines, airlines and computers.

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