Healthy Living: What is Technology’s Role?





In this modern age, we now have easy access to many things – information, people, places, foods, and medicine. And thanks to the advent of advanced technology because it opens a lot of opportunities to do things that we’ve never done before. But despite the many benefits of high-tech equipment, there is still one concern that bothers a lot of people, and it is its effects on human health.

There have been a lot of reports stating that the use of technology causes serious human health problems, which alarm many concerned citizens. But according to experts, only excessive use of modern equipment can lead to these tech-related conditions, such as blurry vision, back pains, and muscle aches. When used the right way, technology becomes a powerful and useful way to change our lives better.

New technologies provide a lot of solutions to global problems. Modern medical devices help physicians treat a variety of medical conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, kidneys disease, and cancer. Modern home appliances, like washing machine, blenders, and slow cookers, make our lives easier and comfortable. And more importantly, new technology helps us get healthier. The existence of Smartphone applications help us manage our health by reminding us when to take medication, logging our diet, or calculating our daily steps. But not only that, technology also enables businesses to produce healthier products that will help people get fit and stay healthy, which include vitamin supplements and organic protein powders.

Truth be told, everyone wants to get healthier but many don’t have the time or opportunity to do that. Today’s life is more hectic than it was once. These days, most people are often overloaded with tasks – that’s why eating healthier snacks is given less priority and even forgotten all the time. But again, thanks to the advent of modern technology, because we now have access to alternative solutions, such as supplements or pills, to at least get our body’s required nutrients every day. These substances are especially formulated to help people on the go stay healthy.

While supplements can help in getting the amount of vitamins and minerals you need each day, it is still imperative to know that these substances are not meant as substitute for whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables. They key to getting optimum health is to ensure that you’re taking them in addition to healthy food choices and proper workout. According to, supplements are appropriate if you:

  • Don’t eat enough or consume food less than the recommended daily calorie consumption
  • Are a vegetarian and don’t eat a variety of healthy foods
  • Are a woman with abnormal menstrual bleeding
  • Have a medical condition that affects how your body uses and absorbs nutrients
  • Have underwent a medical procedure and are not able to digest and absorb nutrients properly

In addition, talk to your doctor or dietician before taking any dietary supplements. With proper use, these alternative substances that technology gave us will be helpful to make our lives better.

Indeed, technology has gone too far with benefits. If you take time to sit down and think about what was life like before and compare it today, you will be amazed on the huge differences. For instance, twenty years ago there were no Facebook, Twitter, and Smartphone applications. There was even hardly information available on the internet because only a few numbers of people know how to use computers. But now, even kids already know how to use these modern gadgets! Technology really changed the world. And in the years to come, we expect that more advanced equipment will be invented and change the future of our planet.

Guide To Infrared Technology For Grilling


What is infrared technology and how can it be used in grills?

Infrared technology comprises of the use of light frequencies which we cannot see but can certainly feel in the form of heat. This technology can and has been used in multiple areas, including cooking food. Where conventional grilling processes and appliances dry up the food by heating up the air surrounding it, infrared technology based grills strike the food’s molecules making them vibrate. This helps create heat inside the food, which, in turn, cooks the food evenly and perfectly every single time.

How are Infrared waves created inside the grill?

A simple propane burner heats up the air beneath the infrared emitter. This convective hot air heats up the infrared emitter before escaping out from the backside of the grill. The emitter keeps getting hotter and hotter and starts to release infrared heat waves. Thus, Infrared grills are based on principle of converting Convection heat into Infrared heat. The Infrared emitter is actually separable but it should be kept in place every time the grill is used. This helps keep
the burner and ignition systems devoid of grease and food.

What are the advantages of Infrared grills over conventional grills?

Natural cooking– Infrared grills are as natural as the sun’s heat and since they do not heat up the air surrounding the food, as is the case of traditional rotisserie grilling, you end up with moist and juicy steaks or burgers every single time.

Less drying– All kinds of meats which we normally use for grilling have an outermost moisture saturated boundary layer. This layer needs to be dried and shrunk during conventional grilling methods, (otherwise, the heat cannot reach the center of the meat). In case of Infrared technology, the infrared rays easily reach the food without disturbing the moisture saturated layer of the meat. This results in juicier and more flavorful food as compared to conventional grilling techniques. It is no wonder that more and more steak restaurants are using such means of grilling.

Better control– Open flame gas grills which homeowners normally use in their backyards get tend to get extremely hot and one does not have much control over the temperature. On the other hand, modern gas infrared grills allow us to control temperature in three ways: cooking zone settings, burner settings/ numbers as well as through lid positioning. Thus, for example, you can choose to ignite fewer burners in order to lower the temperature. Likewise, you can also adjust the lid positioning to evenly cook the meat and reduce chances of flare ups.

Faster cooking-Infrared grills help you cook faster as compared to open flame grills. This is an important point to note so that you can adjust the cooking time and check the food more frequently in the beginning. With experience, you will understand how to set the times and cook the food perfectly.

More with less– Another major advantage of using Infrared grilling technology is that you will have to make fewer trips to the propane refilling stations. This is mainly due to the fact that you achieve hotter temperatures and can do more in one session as compared to most conventional grills.

Reduced Flare-ups- Perhaps the biggest advantage of Infrared grills when compared to open flame grilling is the reduced number of flare ups. Flare ups are a major fire hazards in open flame grills; every time the grease falls on the burner’s flame, you end up burning your food and cooking it unevenly. The lack of flare-ups in the Infrared grills ensures that your food is evenly and perfectly cooked all the time.

Thus, there are numerous advantages of Infrared grills as compared to normal open flame or conventional grilling systems.


Technology on Wheels

SUVtechnologyIn day’s gone bye, the individual looking for a new or newer vehicle had limited choices.  Generally, those choices were limited to the model, make and color with very few options to accessorize.

However, the options today are almost endless.

These options include a variety of models, makes and colors, but what sets the models of today apart from yesterday are the wonderful accessories.  These accessories can include GPS systems, cameras, climate control, Bluetooth capability, etc.

All this and the vehicles actually move.  They are virtual technological units on wheels.

One such popular vehicle model is the SUV.  SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle.

The question is, therefore, why do people drive SUVS  today especially under the ecological light of limited natural resources?  If these drivers were polled the inquiring individual would hear the rational of family safety, cutting edge technology and the expanse of the vehicle.

First of all, SUVS are big…very big.  They loom over other vehicles on the road which provide a number of safety benefits to SUV drivers and passengers.

One such safety benefit due to the large height is visibility of the road from the vantage point provided by being in the vehicle.  This gives the driver a perspective that looks over other vehicles and provides a better view of the road and what is taking place.

The obvious advantage with this unobstructed perspective is to see more of the road and observe what is taking place.  This provides the advantage of anticipation and increasing the opportunity to react sooner.

Another advantage associated with the size of the vehicle is its ability to keep the occupants safer in the event of an accident.  Also, the size of the vehicle makes it difficult not to be seen on the road and therefore allows other drivers to be more aware of the SUV’s presence which increases the safety factor.

Of particular interest to SUV owners is the advanced technology available as standard options.

One such technological feature, because of the size of the vehicles, is individualized climate control.  This technology is beneficial because SUVS typically transport quite a few passengers and this feature provides individualized comfort.

Additionally, due to the popularity of this vehicle with families, another quality high tech feature is a reverse activated camera.  This can prove to be a critical safety feature especially when it comes to protecting straying family members outside the vehicle and property.

Adding to the tech safety features of quality SUVS are Bluetooth capabilities, hands free phone dialing and GPS systems.  All designed with the safety of the family in mind to allow for the driver to concentrate solely on the driving and yet have this technology available if needed with limited distraction.

n addition to the SUV being large and providing safety advantages, the SUV is large and therefore popular for both the father and the mother in meeting transportation needs.  The significant room in the vehicle allows for the transportation of the family’s belongings people and family members.

The SUV is the modern day mini-van and just as practical, but with a significant flavor of glitz and glamour and a heavy dose of technology.

Three Ways In which Technology Can Help You Get Fit

blog-fitlife-102313With the arrival of New Year, almost everyone resolves to get fitter or eat healthier. While some are able to stick to their resolutions, there are those who simply cannot. They tend to come up with hundreds of excuses to not get off the sofa and go out and play. Thankfully, there is help available: in the form of Technological gadgets. There are many technological advances today that offer game style incentives and rewards to help motivate reluctant users stick to their fitness or diet plans.

Let us study 3 important ways in which technology can help one get in shape.

Track fitness through Smartphone Apps and Wristband activity trackers

Before the arrival of the SmartPhone, it was difficult to keep track of anything, be it office meetings, bill due dates and many other day to day issues. Today, Smartphones are helping out in other areas including fitness. Smartphones can actually monitor sleep patterns, measure the distance one walks, and even keep tabs on one’s cholesterol levels. Most SmartPhones support hundreds of apps that help monitor the heart health. The best part is: these gadgets
help users accumulate all of their fitness data in one place. They also use specialized ways to bring a level of sophistication to the workout: not only do they offer a wide range of workout routines (including visual impact for women exercises) they also help vary the length, duration and intensity to target different areas of the body. Moreover, these routines come with pictures, images, videos as well as personal digital trainers to guide one at every step. Wristband activity trackers and Smartwatches also perform similar tasks like monitoring fitness, sleep patterns, or simply reminding the user to get up and go!

Use Technology to monitor diet

Many apps are available today to help one track their calorie intake. Many of these services are completely free and supported by various platforms (iOS, Android). Most also include their own websites. Users can enter their height, weight and target weight they wish to achieve, say at the end of 4 weeks. The apps then calculate the amount of calories one needs to eat on daily basis. There is a food diary available with the applications that one needs to fill in diligently. The application then deducts the calories from the user’s daily recommended allocation. While most users will crib at the thought of entering every food item they eat on daily basis, it is actually just a matter of routine. Once one is used to the application, it can be a fantastic way of monitoring the diet and actually see some very positive results at the end of the set period.

Get recipe ideas and Meal planners with Technology

Often times, people follow specific diets but are unable to stick to them because they run out of ideas as to what to eat and not eat. The Paleo diet, for example, has several food restrictions. Thankfully, technology can come to their rescue. Many Android and iOS based applications offer hundreds of thousands of recipes, meal ideas and tips for healthy eating. Each day, users can select a recipe from hundreds of thousands available in the recipe libraries offered by these apps. There are different plans for different diets for breakfast, lunch and dinners. This way, a user will never get bored and is likelier to stick to the plan. After selecting the recipe, one also gets the convenient list of ingredients that are seen in the ‘Basket’ which can be accessed easily when one goes shopping. Most reviewers have praised these apps and found the recipes very tasty as well.

These are 3 major ways in which one can get fit through the use of technology. For more information on technical gadgets and apps that can help you stay in shape, click here.

Did you know if you take technology on your next fishing trip you’ll come home with a full cooler?

FISHING TECHNOLOGYUsed to be the perfect fish trip consisted of a few things, rod and reel and worms. Oh, and an icy 6 pack of beer if you’re of age. You can now take a little technology with you and I don’t mean your cell phone. You should leave that at home. Look into getting a fish finder to bring with you on your fishing excursion. It’s not like cheating, it’s just like getting a little help finding the best spot to drop your lines in. The spot where all the fish are thinking they are safe. Well with the fish finder you bring alone with you, they are not a safe as they thought. You’ve found the magic spot.

Find out more about fish finders and good reels from Reel Experts and see what all you need for a fishing trip that is like no other and in your top summertime experiences. Find out about the best equipment to bring along with you and top fishing techniques to help boost your bounty on the trip home.

Technology will help you come home with plenty of fish for grilling or an old fashioned fish fry. There will be a lot to go around. All because you came prepared. People have been fishing since they figured out all you need is a stick, string, and a hook. Also, a lot of patience. With a fish finder, your stress level at finding where the fish are gathering will be at an all-time low as they use things such as sonar to find the fish as well as let you know how far the bottom of the water is.

You don’t need a huge boat to take advantage of high technology on the water for your fish finding expedition. There are some options for small fishing boats that you can take advantage of. There are things that you might not have even thought about that can make a huge difference. For instance, a smaller fishing boat can be of help as far as not making you stick out like a sore thumb and fish won’t notice that you’re there as easily as they would if you were out there in a big boat. The prices on small boats are just that too. Pleasantly small.   Smaller than you might expect. Therefore you might not have to go the route of always having to rent a boat, you could have your own. If you do get your own, don’t forget to name it!

Technology and fishing make a good combination that can boost your fish intake substantially. It isn’t cheating, it’s helping you find where it is you’re going to be best off casting your line for the day. No more sitting in a space for hours with not even a nibble. You’ll be able to see where they are trying to hide from you and be able to get an upper hand. So get out there and be sure to bring along a grill to keep on the bank from when you come back. You’ll be needing it!

The Technology of CSS Button Making



Over the past ten years or more people have been developing blogs and websites to represent just about everything. They have blogs geared towards fashion, hair, movies, family life, healthy, and last but not least fitness. With the development of a blog you will also have advertising opportunities and in order to advertise you will need a CSS3 button. Locating a CSS3 button maker is quite easy since they are all over the net. But the best one to use is one that works for you the way you want it to. Developing a button can be fun. You get to do many things in the process of developing a button. Here are a few steps to take to develop a useful button.


  • Find the right program

Finding the right program that you can work with is not that hard. Searching google for different button maker programs will bring up a whole list of articles.

  • Artwork

You will need your art work for the button. Most art work is copy written so using a site like Shutter stock you can purchase credits to use the gif that you are wanting to use. This gives you unlimited use of the gif you pick out.

  • Font

Then you will need to find the right font. This can be a little bit trickier. So search hard for the right free downloadable font so that you can add it to your font files.

  • Color Scheme

Once you have your image and your font you will need your color scheme. This is something that should represent the color theme of your blog or page and should also be colors that you are happy with.

  • Sizing the button

Deciding on the right size of your button can be hard. Most buttons are 125×125, but you can also do one 150×150 or go even larger and do an elongated one such as 90×300. All buttons can come in different sizes. Making the right choice is based on what area you are placing it in.

  • Photoshop

You will need to put it all together with a Photoshop program or or are all design programs that you can use to design the button. It helps you to add the background, layer on the words and images and size to the appropriate size.

Once you have figured all this out it is best to use CSS3 button generator to get your codes. This is how you generate a button for the side of your blog or for advertising on other sites. This process can be used for many different companies and some people even offer this as a service to others for a small fee. However, if your any good ad designing things or are very creative this is something you can do yourself without the $25 fee for button making.

Each website or blog needs a button and what’s better than making it yourself? The act of learning something new that will save you money in the long run when it comes to your business, blog, or website.

Technology in our future lives

TECHNOLOGYThis is the age of technology and everything has some form of technology in it. Take for instance the basic phone has now turned into a small hand held computer. Even the house phone is being made more technologically advanced. Some house phones are now connected to your cell phone so you don’t have to worry about two phones in your home, they have built in answering machines, and they can utilize headsets wirelessly. This is how the advancement of mankind has affected our everyday lives.

Even our cars have become moving computers with the GPS systems, the Sirius radio system, the OnStar system, and of course the hands free phone system. These are all advancements that technology has awarded us over the years. But how has technology advanced our exercise routine? By adding heart monitors to exercise equipment you can now monitor your heart rate so that you can keep track of how many calories you are burning. Exercise equipment also calculates by the heart rate how much calories you have burned and how long you have been running for such as 1 mile or more. The on screen data that is presented in cardio equipment is very useful for keeping up with many different factors of your exercise routine.

Technology is the way of the future. Schools are starting to use smart boards for teaching in classrooms from kindergarten to college level classes. They utilize tablets and laptops in class and online libraries for colleges to house their journal articles and books so that students can access the information they need at any time of day or night. Schools are also starting to offer online degrees where you can get all your training, classes, lectures, and quizzes online while obtaining your Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and PhD in the comfort of your own home on your own time.

Imagine if scientists did not invent the technologies we have today! What would we do for telephones? What would we do for TV? How would we go to the moon and back? How would we communicate all over the world? These are questions that have been answered by technology. With technology it would be the dark ages and we would not be as advanced as we are. Technology has brought us out of the dark ages and into a generation of extremely educated, highly technologically adept students who one day will take on the world and change it to make it an even better and more advanced race of educators and students.

Imagine flying cars, and boats that can also drive on land. These are things that technology is working on for our future. Cars that no longer need gas to run and electricity that will not deplete the world’s resources. In our future the options are endless and technology will advance so fast and with such amazement that we may not be able to keep up with growing trends. At this rate we come out with a new phone every six months that adds new and improved apps and features that the previous version wasn’t capable of doing. Every six months a new computer program or game comes out and every few years they advance the gaming consoles making the previous version obsolete. Technology is our future and without it we would be lost.


Take technology with you every step of the way. Literally.

TECHNOLOGYTechnology is everywhere these days. There’s something better, faster, stronger, lighter, smoother, etc. coming out in products constantly. It seems sometimes it’s progressing too fast. For instance you just bought a new smartphone 3 months ago, and already there is a newer version of the same phone. It basically does the same things but has just one difference so now you’re out of the loop and are stuck using yesterday’s smartphone. It happens with anything that has technology working on it or part of it as well. From your phone and your Bluetooth earpiece to the technology used to give your shoes a comfortable sole to maximize your comfort which each step you take. There’s something technologically more advanced coming out soon so don’t get too used to your new gadget or item because there’ll be a newer one right around the corner any minute now.

Talking about shoes and technology seems like an odd combination, doesn’t it? However, technology is used by a lot of shoe and boot companies to bring you the best to every step you take. Everything from the uppers to the soles are tested using technological means to bring to you the best fit and most comfortable sole to walk on. For instance, finding the best work boots for your feet is a challenge because there are so many different kinds out there that have been through rigorous testing to bring you the best of the best with every step and every situation that boot might be in, need it to be waterproofing or having steel toe tops and other things that are important in work boots.

For instance, technology is used to test insoles and find ways to make them more comfortable for everyone. Not everyone has the same foot, so not everyone will be wearing the same boot. Some are tested to have good insoles if you happen to have flat feet. Others are tested to be comfortable for those who might have a high arch. Technology breaks down the foot and goes after key points and areas that need to be updated to bring the best to everybody.   Computers and equipment map the bottom of the foot and the boot makers go from there. The computers can even show things such as measuring the pressure points from each step so those working on the boot know exactly what they need to concentrate on.

Like said previous, technology stretches not just the computer on your desktop but on you and the things you do and even wear. It helps to improve many things, make life easier and better whereas before, certain things were not possible. What gets me the most are the new cars as of late that can help you parallel park by a screen mounted on your dashboard. Where was that when I needed it in driver’s ed? Anyway back to subject at hand, technology is everywhere and with you ever step of the way. Literally.

Using the Latest Technology to Plan for Home and Bathroom Renovations

Home and bathroom renovations can be very rewarding in terms of a return on your investment in your home. On the other hand taking on home renovations can be large amounts of work. Without proper planning and organization your home renovations could cost you more than you bargained for. Before you begin any Perth home and bathroom renovations take the time to consider your budget, whether or not you require a contractor and how much time you are willing to dedicate to the project. The latest in home renovation apps will assist you every step of the way and make the process of planning your project so much easier.

Deciding on a Budget with the Renovation Budget Tracker App

Costs can add up quickly when it comes to home renovations, so decide on how much you are able to spend and create a budget. You will be able to keep a close watch on your money spent during your project with the Renovation Budget Tracker app by DKDesings. It will help you to create your initial budget, record your payments and receipts as well as track the timing until you have completed your renovation project.

Measure and Draw Up the Space with the Home Sizer App

You do not want a situation where you have purchased a new sink or bath fixtures and they do not fit. Measure each aspect of the bathroom you wish to renovate before beginning anything. Once you have measured the space and size of the fixtures you are replacing or moving you can then draw up new plans for the space. The app Home Sizer can be extremely helpful for sizing a room. The calculations it will give you for measurements will help you throughout the entire renovation process.

Consult Contractors and Renovation Companies Using the Home Design 3D App

Calling a contractor for estimates early on in the renovation process is a good idea. Companies like the Roman Perth Renovation Group will be happy to assist you in all your home and bathroom renovation needs. You may wish to call previous customers of a company you would like to go with in order to ask if they were happy with the results of their renovation project. Hiring a high quality, knowledgeable contractor is key in ensuring that that your home and bathroom renovation project runs smoothly. In order to expedite contractor consultations, use the Home Design 3D app. It will allow you to design and view a room from start to finish. You can get right down to business in discussing fixtures and room layouts with your contractor and they will have 3D designs to go by.

Decide on How Big You Want to Go with Wunderlist

Your home and bathroom renovations could be as simple as adding a new coat of paint or as complex as replacing a tub or sink. When you are in the planning stage make a clear decision as to how complex you want your project to be and stick within the limits you have set out for the project in order to be happy with the results and amount of time it will take to get there. Make a very detailed list of all the items that you want so that you do not get overwhelmed or discover partway through a project that you require more materials than you had originally planned for. Wunderlist is an organization app that is perfect for making that detailed list of all the items you want in a project. It will help you to organize your list in terms of priorities and you will be able to stay on top of all the tasks required for your project.

5 ways in which modern technology has transformed our everyday habits

TECHNOLOGY PHOTOModern high technologies quickly came into our lives in the past couple of decades and have become an integral part of them. If you ask people now, especially the younger generations, what they think about a life without their favourite gadgets like smartphones or laptops and internet, they simply can’t imagine it, and they have no idea what people did without them in the previous centuries. There is nothing wrong with modern innovations and new technologies that can make our lives more comfortable, diverse and interesting, yet they have changed our lives dramatically. Even 10 years ago, people had no idea what a smartphone is, or that you can have internet connection all the time, even if you travel abroad, or that every house will have a laptop for each member of the family, and it will be considered as normal. Though this change brought into our lives with computers happened rather fast, and we didn’t really see this transition, when they became highly incorporated in our every day activities.


Social Media

One of the main ways in which technology has changed the way we act, think and what we do on a daily basis is related to the popularity of the social media. It has been estimated that people spend most of their time online, checking out what their friends are doing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Most of them admit that the first thing they do in the morning after they check their email is that they log onto their accounts in the various social media, not because they have something important to post as a status, but mostly to check what their friends have been up to.


Personal gadgets

With the growing trend of having a smartphone, that is connected to the internet most of the time, it is quite rare that there are people who have a simple mobile phone. Nowadays the technology went so far that our phones are also a portable laptop, camera, Dictaphone, and more. You can send messages, check your emails, take photos and videos, browse recipes, have an organizer on the phone and a personal fitness instructor. Though we rarely stop to appreciate all the functions that our phones make accessible to us anywhere we are, they have transformed our lives greatly.


Everyday activities like shopping

Modern technology has also changed many activities that we carry out on a daily basis, like brushing our teeth, shaving, making breakfast and even shopping for groceries. As many businesses move their operations online, many delivery companies offer courier service pricing information that you can have access to in order to estimate the cost of ordering various products. With the possibility to order anything from anywhere, the options for online shopping are endless, as long as you choose a reputable and reliable courier service, like


Home appliances

New technology and progress has filled our homes with gadgets that make our stay there as comfortable as possible. We now have not only smart fridges, that can lock at a certain time, to prevent you from eating snack at midnight, little robots that can vacuum clean the house regardless of day and time, and TV’s that show everything in HD and some even in 3D! Progress has come so far to bring us home everything that we had to get outside to experience, and it doesn’t stop. Every couple of months we hear of a new product that is introduced into the market, and an innovative idea that will make our homes better, more advanced and comfortable.



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