5 Ways Technology Improves Our Lives

moneyedup appsThe role of technology in our day to day lives is debated often. You cannot fault those who think that the technological future is dangerous but you also cannot deny the benefits we see each day. Technological developments have revolutionized every aspect of our lives. With the help of technology we are able to communicate around the globe, make a living on the internet, watch our favorite television shows when we want and even find love. Here are five ways that technology is improving our lives.

Stay on Task – A paper day planner is a thing of the past. Today’s tech-savvy busy bodies rely on any of the various task management and day planning programs that are available. You can easily create events, schedule your days, communicate with employees and check off your to-do list with just a few clicks of a button. Day planning apps make it easier to get things done and stay on top of what you are doing. There are even apps that help monitor your computer and cell phone usage to help you increase productivity and get the most out of your time.

Find Love – Online dating started to take off in the 90s and developers probably had no idea it would grow to what it is today. Studies report that over 50% of relationships today have started on the internet. There are over 100 online dating sites that you can choose from and millions of users, collectively, around the globe. The leading dating sites even have smart phone applications that put your dating life right in the palm of your hand. If that isn’t enough, you can also choose from apps that give you dating tips, pickup lines and hookup mobile dating apps which alert you when a potential interest is nearby. The possibilities are really endless if you are looking for love and embrace the technology.

Manage Your Finances – Check register? Who uses that anymore! Today you can manage everything from your bank account to your stock portfolio all in the palm of your hand. Financial management apps are the most popular in the digital world. They give each user the ability to “see it here” when it comes to their finances. You no longer have to guess about your balance, you can check it in an instant – wherever you are. These apps are making it easier for people to stay on their budget, track their spending and plan for the future.

Get Healthy – Another popular category for apps is the health and fitness options. Whether you are trying to bulk up or lose weight, there is an app for that. Individuals love being able to track their meals, exercise, find recipes and see their fitness progress through mobile and PC applications. There are even apps that help you with meal planning and offer tutorials on different types of exercise and meals. If that is not enough, wearable technology like fit bands allow users to track their calorie burn, weight loss goals and more all from a small, portable device. Technology is making for a healthier world and that is a benefit that no one can deny.

Stay Entertained & Informed – Whether you have a love for news or a love for movies, there is an app for that. Not only is there an app to link you to your favorite media sites but there are also devices that keep you connected. The modern day set-top box allows you to do everything from streaming websites to checking the weather on your television. You can even go a step further and pick up a smart television with your favorite built in applications. On the go, online or in the comfort of your own home – there is technology to keep you entertained and informed.

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