Top 4 cool new techs you need to buy for your house right now!

COOL TECH PHOTOAt the age of technology, we now have innovations every week, from gadgets to use for entertainment, to those that will make our duties at work easier. Every day on websites like Kickstarter you can find endless ideas on new projects that address one issue of another. While these look really cool on the Internet, yet, we don’t have an immediate need for them, many are absolutely essential, if not just useful to have at home. Despite the fun and fast-paced lives that we live, the following gadgets can facilitate many of our daily activities and be directly beneficial to our health. The creativity of modern men has no limits, and we made a short list that will let you equip your house with an incredible variety of useful, unique and smart devices.


 Smart home system

A smart home system is a new tech intelligent installation that manages and controls the engineering systems of your home, including the temperature, lighting, heating, security and more. All the equipment that we have in our houses, including the heating, A/C and ventilation systems, lights, fire alarms and security systems, has their own control panels and switches. The smart home system unites all these onto one panel through which you can control everything, even from a distance through your smartphone or tablet. From home safety, to adjusted lights for your pet in the evening, this system is a universal switch for every gadget you have.

Aquaponic garden system

An aquaponic system is the process of growing fish and plants at the same time. This process uses 2 tanks, positioned one on top of the other. The waste from fish is pumped into the compost of the plants and is used as the ideal fertilizer. Thus the water in the fish tank remains clean, the waste is used to provide the plants with nutrients to sustain their growth and all this can be done with minimum required space. This new technology is not only sustainable, but with the use of proper LED lights, found on this resource, this can be turned into a year-round gardening and growth of vegetables and fruits that you eat.

Air quality control

So many of us live in big cities and try to spend time outdoors at least on the weekends, trying to get fresh air that we lack due to air pollution from cars, smoke, dust and more. Oftentimes the air inside our apartments is not of the best quality either, but there is a new solution to this issue. There are multiple gadgets to monitor and control the air quality at our home or at work, and produce fresh Oxygen that is vital for our lives. This relatively compact invention not only purifies the air from pollutants, but also enriches it with Oxygen, talk about a great investment!

Smart thermostat

Once it gets cold outside and we have to switch on the radiators or thermostats at our houses, we immediately see an increase in the power bill. It is sometimes difficult to know when to switch on the heating, when to turn it off, and what temperature to set. Having the heating on the whole night or day, so when we wake up or come back from work the house is nice and warm is too expensive, so this new gadget, a smart thermostat, is the best solution there is! After only a couple of weeks, it learns your patterns and creates an automated heating process, it also is equipped with a sensitive sensor that traces the slightest changes in the temperature and sets the heating accordingly.

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