Take technology with you every step of the way. Literally.

TECHNOLOGYTechnology is everywhere these days. There’s something better, faster, stronger, lighter, smoother, etc. coming out in products constantly. It seems sometimes it’s progressing too fast. For instance you just bought a new smartphone 3 months ago, and already there is a newer version of the same phone. It basically does the same things but has just one difference so now you’re out of the loop and are stuck using yesterday’s smartphone. It happens with anything that has technology working on it or part of it as well. From your phone and your Bluetooth earpiece to the technology used to give your shoes a comfortable sole to maximize your comfort which each step you take. There’s something technologically more advanced coming out soon so don’t get too used to your new gadget or item because there’ll be a newer one right around the corner any minute now.

Talking about shoes and technology seems like an odd combination, doesn’t it? However, technology is used by a lot of shoe and boot companies to bring you the best to every step you take. Everything from the uppers to the soles are tested using technological means to bring to you the best fit and most comfortable sole to walk on. For instance, finding the best work boots for your feet is a challenge because there are so many different kinds out there that have been through rigorous testing to bring you the best of the best with every step and every situation that boot might be in, need it to be waterproofing or having steel toe tops and other things that are important in work boots.

For instance, technology is used to test insoles and find ways to make them more comfortable for everyone. Not everyone has the same foot, so not everyone will be wearing the same boot. Some are tested to have good insoles if you happen to have flat feet. Others are tested to be comfortable for those who might have a high arch. Technology breaks down the foot and goes after key points and areas that need to be updated to bring the best to everybody.   Computers and equipment map the bottom of the foot and the boot makers go from there. The computers can even show things such as measuring the pressure points from each step so those working on the boot know exactly what they need to concentrate on.

Like said previous, technology stretches not just the computer on your desktop but on you and the things you do and even wear. It helps to improve many things, make life easier and better whereas before, certain things were not possible. What gets me the most are the new cars as of late that can help you parallel park by a screen mounted on your dashboard. Where was that when I needed it in driver’s ed? Anyway back to subject at hand, technology is everywhere and with you ever step of the way. Literally.

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