How technology helps you go green and stay green

GOING GREEN 2Everything these days seems to be on a trend of going green and being eco-friendly. People are going back to their grass roots and taking it down to the basics. From recycling used plastic and cardboard to using only organic products. Even those who don’t have the benefit of a yard are doing things such as growing their own little windowsill herb gardens.

Technology plays a part in helping to get things going green for you in ways that don’t ever seem to cross our minds as even being involved. Such as using technology to help make water bottles with less plastic materials to even something like shampoo. Technology is used to study how to make a good organic shampoo without sulfates or other toxic chemicals to even keep your hair routine eco-friendly. It’s the little things like that which we don’t think about, but if it wasn’t for technology, we wouldn’t be finding ways to make things such as organic shampoo.

Technology works in so many ways in helping us discover new ways to approach old issues that before it, wasn’t good for the environment or even us. Next time you’re going to wash your hair, read the ingredients on the back of the bottle of shampoo. Now list how many you can pronounce and then list how many you can’t pronounce. Its harsh chemicals like those that technology has found a way to weed out and replace with organics and green ingredients instead.

Next time you’re out shopping, pick up a bottle of organic shampoo. I bet that this time you can read each and every ingredient that’s in that bottle of shampoo. Scientists with the help of technology and testing have found ways to bring green into your life in many ways. From finding ways to farm our fruits and vegetables without harmful chemicals such as insecticides to recycling our excess waste products such as plastics and cardboard. It works on making our lives greener and more eco-friendly when we put technology to work to help us clean up the environment and replace it with healthy, organic products, or ways to reuse plastic that’s been recycled. GOING GREEN

Something as simple as buying a water filter for your sink and you can pour fresh clean water that’s been filtrated from bearing harsh chemicals was brought to you by technology. Now you can help stay eco-friendly by instead of having to buy cases of bottled water to use, you can purchase a water bottle and reuse it with your filtered water. Same thing, less waste, all brought to you by technology.

There are so many ways that technology helps us live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. We should take advantage of those things such as staying green by using a water filter and a water bottle instead of buying plastic bottles by the case load. Also, even as aforementioned, check out things such as shampoo and body washes and see if you can bring organics into this world that we are trying to make greener every day

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