How Technology Is Changing the Way We Warm Up

Vacuum solar water heating systemIs there anything technology can’t do? We can explore the world on maps, listen to any song from almost any time, and watch as much tv as we want. Our fridges know what temperature they are, our phones don’t just make phone calls, and even our cars are turning into giant PCs we drive in. So how has technology shaped home heating systems? Well, if you’ve ever heard of infrared you might be surprised to know that it can actually heat things up, and we’re using it to do just that. Here’s our selection of the best heaters for infrared heating.

–       Dr Infrared Heater Quartz + PTC Portable Infrared Space Heater

This infrared heater looks the part. It’s finished off in a clean wooden frame with slick metal grills on the front. It’s got a very retro vibe, which is ironic because the tech inside is quite modern. It’s powerful, too, giving off 5200 BTUs over a thousand square foot space. It’s designed to last and comes with a three year warranty and the company says you can expect it to last for a whopping 80,000 hours before it needs replacing. It comes with three different settings so you can adjust how hot you want your room. It’s a little pricey, but you can find some for just over a hundred dollars, which is a great price.

–       LifeSmart Compact Power Plus Infrared Heater

The lifesmart is a nimble space heater center, a small unit that packs a punch. It’s got a nice modern finish in black with a sweet red glow from the infrared, like a Cylon or a Terminator. It’s not quite as big or effective as the previous brand, but it is still very effective and evenly spreads the heat around. It can be found for roughly the same price as the Dr. Infrared, but weight less and is easier to move around.

–       iLiving Infrared Space Heater with Dual Heating System

Another large, retro piece designed to look like a piece of furniture. The iLiving has all the perks of the previous two infrareds, but is also extremely quiet so it doesn’t distract you when you’re in the room. It looks great with its dark wooden finish and heats up any average sized room brilliantly.  It’s also quite cheap and can be found for just over a hundred dollars, and sometimes cheaper on line. Any of these three infrareds will heat up a room brilliantly.


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