Infographics, this is technology. Technology, this is infographics. Now shake hands.

INFOGRAPHICSThat’s right, technology is bringing a new and exciting light into the world of infographics. Infographics have always been a way to show information (hence the “info”) in a graphic format (hence the graphics) showing the one viewing it an easy way to get what they are looking for. They are not your regular chart or diagram. They are innovative ways to chart and diagram. Infographics grab the attention of the one viewing it and show them all the information they need to know in eye catching ways.

Technology comes into play with the internet and websites. Now infographics are used often to breathe new life into information thanks for the technology brought to us through the internet. Wouldn’t you rather just look at a picture and words that don’t overwhelm that depict the information you need? This way gathering that information faster and in an easier manner than sitting there reading page after page after page of written material. They can also be set up in ways that make the venture for information fun and more memorable as well.

For instance, check out the infographic by They have an infographic that gets you information in an eye pleasing manner and is setup in a way that you can learn and absorb what message they are trying to get out to you in an enjoyable way. Much better than going through what is commonly referred to as a “wall of text”. You don’t have to read for hours, you can get the information from the infographic quickly and absorb and hold in the information easily. Much more convenient and enjoyable than reading pages upon pages of information.

Technology has brought spice to a format that was usually just on paper or many boards and now can easily be viewed by the masses. It helps companies and people get their product or message out to people who are actually going to see what it is they need to. When made to read pages of the same information, we tend to speed read just looking for the one piece of information we want and in that case we just read right over it and miss what we needed altogether. That is not good.

Infographics now having been modernized on the internet and other media in new ways says so much to where we have come with the boom of the information superhighway. They are on a lot of sites you visit and don’t even realize that they have drawn you into their information they want to share with you by presenting it in a way that can even make it fun. It’s colorful, it just pops and that sticks with you a whole lot more than just plain text.

The next time you turn to the internet to look up information, notice which sites that you browse through seem to “speak” to you better than others. Take a mental note of what it was about that particular site that you remember and that you got the most from. You’ll be surprised just how much infographics is used thanks to its new friend, technology.

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