Technology for the Police, Fire and Rescue

For centuries many police officers have struggled with the learning curve that technology has brought into the work force. Many of the Police officers that started working in the 80’s had to learn the new technological advancements that grew at a rapid pace since the invention of internet and cell phones and many more helpful tools. The police have always been on top of the technological bandwagon. They have looked for new ways of tracking down criminals and taking them off the streets. From developing new equipment such as the DNA testing facilities and the Tasers and bean bag guns, to the GPS systems on cell phones for 911 calls. But one thing that hasn’t changed very much in the past few centuries is the best concealed carrier holster for guns. The guns are still carried in a holster that is pretty much the same design that was originally designed for the Police force. There isn’t too much technology that goes into holsters so the advancements have stopped there.

Even though they have not advanced the holsters they have made some advancements in the guns and the body armor for the officers. They have invented bullet proof vest that last for years and deflect close up shots and long range shots. They have designed ear pieces for hands free communication when in the Task force uniforms. They have also developed boTECHNOLOGY AND SAFETYmb diffusers that can go in and defuse a bomb without anyone having to get close to the bomb. These are all advancements that have helped the police in many large cases.

There was many technological advancements used when the twin towers came down. Such as sonar equipment that detects heat to determine if anyone was still alive in the rubble. They also use machines and equipment to detect any gas fumes and problems that would cause more destruction of the towers. They stayed in contact with each other through the traditional routes since cell towers were down in New York at the time, thank god for ancient technology when things go down.

Many people put their lives on the line every day to protect our communities and city streets. The best thing we can do is support the scientists that develop the technology to better help them protect us and keep the streets safe for our children. Without many new technological advancements from the past twenty years we would have more crime and less safety.

With GPS on every cell phone many people are saved everyday by the fabulous police and fire and rescue staff by using the GPS system to pin point their location and save their lives. Cars have been equipped with GPS systems and OnStar to help the police locate the car when stolen and disable the car from being used by the thief. This gives the police time to locate the car and the thief and get you your property and lock up the criminal for their crimes. Technology has helped the Police be more efficient and work smarter. Without technology many criminals would go free and many innocent criminals would still be locked up.

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