3 Ways Technology Has Improved Sports

TECHNOLOGY AND SPORTSThere is no denying that technology has infiltrated every part of our lives. The world of technological advancement has helped us to enjoy improvements in everything from cooking, to reading, all the way to trip planning and sports.

The world of sports is one of the areas that have most improved due to the benefits of technology. How we watch our sporting events, what the athletes use and what the everyday active person wears and uses have all been upgraded over time thanks to science. Here are some examples:

 How We Watch Sports

Starting with the television itself, TV has improved how we can watch sports, in that we don’t have to physically be at any given game to enjoy it. Even back when TVs were tiny little black and white boxes, it still gave us baseball and football from across the country and it’s only gone uphill from there. Now we have flat plasma screens with surround sound and home entertainment systems that almost beat the live experience of going to a game.

How sports are monitored has changed too. We now have the technology to provide instant replay footage for any sport which has helped many a referee or judge make the right call. We also have “hawk eye” technology that can track a ball and its path. This is helpful for sports like tennis or golf.

 The Tools We Use

Accessories in sports have come a long way as well. Things like sports watches, clocks, running shoes and even hats have evolved with improved design and functionality. There are also the accessories we use on our phones, like apps for athletes or apps for sports statistics. There are apps to track your exercise, diet, speed and heart rate, just to name a few. For those who are not participating but are watching instead, there are applications for that too. Phone apps for tracking game results or sending up-to-the-minute scores are huge with sports fans around the world.

 The Clothes We Wear

Most of all, the clothing we wear to facilitate our sporting life has grown the most. From head to toe we’ve made leaps and bounds in the arena of smart sporting wear to help us in our activities. From baseball to swimming, mountain climbing to golf, the clothes we wear have helped our game. A quick look back at the swimsuits of the 1950s will show you how far swimwear has advanced for both ladies and men. How anyone could ever swim a length in those old swimsuits beats me. Today we have rain repellant jackets and pants, sweat absorbing material woven into our tops and that’s just a start. There are hi-tech waterproof socks with individual toe grips for water sports and cloth that keeps you cool for outdoor sports like tennis or golf. Hiking culture has never been more popular and the items you can find in that area is vast as well. We’ve got state-of-the-art, lightweight backpacks, ergonomic shoes and boots, bug, sun or rain repellant clothing and all kinds of smart gadgets to make your trek more efficient too. Easy to snap on water bottles, compasses, walking sticks and shoe grip covers are just a few things that have turned this activity into a professional job. Check out hiking gear reviews online for what is best for your hiking needs. For other sports goods and accessories, you need not look far. Most can be ordered from your computer to your door within the week. Look how far we’ve come.

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