Technology Used to Search for Malaysia Flight 370

One of the hugest airline tragedies of all times unfortunately hit Malaysia this month. The flight MH370, carrying 239 people simply vanished from the radars when it flew from Kuala Lampur to Pequim. The Boeing 777 went missing over 10 years ago and authorities from several countries sent their rescue help. The different technologies sued by countries such as Brazil, China, the USA and others is simply essential to solve such mystery and also to bring some comfort to the victim’s families.

Let’s learn a little bit more regarding the technology used to find the remnants of the biggest airplane tragedy of 2014.


Satellites from several different countries are being used to try and locate the plane’s wreckage. Although the complete confirmation has not come yet, certain satellites were already able to identify larger pieces of unknown items in the Indian Ocean. These satellites are essential because they show pictures of the items found and also give the exact location. This is a great helper for those who are looking for the plane, after all it lost its signal and no one really knows how far it might have gone. The coordinates are given and the rescue team gets to action.

Planes and Helicopters.

The rescue team is also using several different planes and helicopters from all over the world to look for the remnants of the Malaysia flight that went missing. Several rescue teams and equipment were sent to China and Malaysia, that way the countries would have even more help. These planes and helicopters are being used to search the Ocean. Although there are millions of square feet to look, these planes are a great help to find small items or even larger pieces of the flight.


Sonars have a long history of being good when locating items under the sea. They send a signal and once the signal is returned it shows that something has been found. These sonars have cameras and can be controlled by qualified professionals that will check the coordinates. In case anything is found the coordinates are sent and a new team of professionals is sent to check the area with other equipment such as the precise ROVS. The sonars are often used to locate the black box and other larger sections of the plane. Sonars have also helped professionals find the wreckage left in the pacific Ocean back in 2009 when the Air France flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris vanished into the sea. The rescue teams have already used this to try and locate items in the depths of the Ocean, however no clue was found.


These are the main technologies used in the sea to search for remnants. Once other specific areas have been identified the professionals might use other equipment that will help them gather as many items as possible. Hopefully the authorities and rescue professionals will be able to locate the true remnants of the flight and the families will be able to know what truly happened to their loved ones.

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