The top 4 Tech Companies to Watch in 2014 in finance!

The financial world is always growing. Companies of all segments grow exponentially every single year. Some lose value, others double in price; the financial market is a never ending set of opportunities for those who know how to carry on. The technology segment has shown its importance, especially economically wise. The current year promises to improve their financial stability and to make millions of people even richer. If you are in the financial world and would like to improve your chances of success make sure you know more about the top 4 tech companies that we mention on this article. They are bound to provide high quality opportunities for the right investors.

King Digital

People might not know the name King Digital, however they certainly know game called Candy Crush. Well, this is a true fever among mobile and tablet users today. The game consists of popping “candies” , earning points and getting further into the game. Users might buy straight from the app store of their mobile, extra chances, special powers and so on. Little by little King Digital is earning their millions, thanks to their creative and rather sticky games. Of course they do not only live off out of their mega hit Candy Crush, however this game is responsible for 78% of the total revenue of the whole company. They will certainly broaden their game line and will provide even nicer opportunities for users.


It might seem like Facebook is getting old now, however this is not true. The site is getting updates and new members every single day. The more advertisements, the better the revenue has become. There are hundreds of thousands of companies from all over the world that have their own advertisement pages, or even simply show their products on the site. This is a very stable company to invest. The team has offices spread all over the world, which means it is an ever growing opportunity for investors.


Ebix has earned over $100 billion dollars in the previous year in the insurance business. If you think this company is just like any other then you are mistake. This E-commerce software company is part of the best trending tech companies. The overall sales on the previous year has already reached the amrk of $169 million dollars. This company has offices in several countries such as India, New Zealand, Canada and also the USA. This is a clean and very interesting opportunity for investors.



Famous worldwide. Apple has long been one of the trending name sin the technology world. This company has no plans to stop expanding, and their numbers show the same. This is a very good opportunity for those who would like to have a stable company to invest on, after all Apple is more than a trend in the tech world, it is a true fever. Investors will have very good opportunities, after all they make around $150 billion dollars every single year. If you would like to invest and feel safe, then this is the right company for you.for more details, go to the original post.

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