Best technological advancements

TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCESThe best technological advancements are the ones that you never see coming. Like the foldable scooter or the 3 wheeled vehicle that gets 84 miles per gallon. Can you believe a car that gets 84 miles per gallon? That is so much more than any car on the market right now but this is no ordinary car. This is a completely new car concept that is driving the world by storm. Elio is the new general motors car that only has an 8 gallon tank. This is such an awesome little car it can fit two people and is due out in 2015. Check out the all new Elio at

Another technological advancement would be the Harley Davidson Live Wire which is the new Eco-friendly bad boy bike. The lithium-ion battery can help the bike reach 90 miles per hour at maximum speed. Although it can reach 90 miles per hour it only runs up to 130 miles before needing recharging which can take 3 hours. This is the new generation of Harley and its making waves already.

Every 6 months the wireless companies come out with a new phone and everyone runs to buy the new and improved version of their favorite phone style. But the best thing is when you are up for an upgrade which comes with some companies every year or some every two years. Every wireless company is different and have different rules for their upgrading period but one thing you can be sure of is that there is going to be a new and improved phone that you are dying to get your hands on. One of the newest technological advancements in phones coming out is the new AT&T exclusive Amazon Fire phone. This is the first ever 3d smart phone, which features 5 cameras. The Amazon fire doesn’t use the google play store which makes the apps less available but the phone offers features that don’t come with other phones such as the firefly which recognizes anything you point it at and if it’s for sale on amazon it offers for you to purchase it. This is going to be a great phone option but not one of the higher end phones. AT&T is so far the only contracted carrier of the Amazon Fire phone.

Technological advancements are making the world a great place to live in. The prices however are not the most affordable for some people but the companies producing these new and exciting products are pricing them as affordable as they can based on the cost of production and features. Even though the prices can be kind of steep they are offering early ordering for some of the new technology coming out such as the Harley and the Elio. The phone company’s offer discounted rates on new phones that come out when purchased with a new contract. This makes it a little easier to afford the new phones and tablets from the phone companies.

Whatever new technological advancement comes out in the next few years you can guarantee that within months they will have improved upon it and made the last one so obsolete that you simply can’t live without the improved one. Technology is so strange that it works like that with everything.


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